Here’s Part Two

This next story was a challenge for my creative writing class. I had two write a story with these requirements:

Characters: Jewelz and Cyn, married for 1 year, lesbians

Setting: In an alley behind a casino

Conflict: They get in a minor car crash after attending their father’s funeral

POV & Tone: 3rd person & joking tone

Hook: One of them is secretly a spy

I did two versions of this story, but version 1 is better so I’ll give you that.

Secrets and Marriage: Version 1

“Son of a bitch!” Jewelz screamed out. She got out of her car and stared wide-eyed at the dent in her navy blue Ford Focus. A darn shame that a sweet car like that got T-boned while exiting the alley. Like any other Hispanic would, Jewelz started cursing in Spanish. She said something about a jackass and chasing the car if she wasn’t in heels and her favorite black dress. “Can you believe this shit?” Nope. Don’t even know what’s happening. “All I wanted to do was to cut through this alley to get to the reception and this pendejo decides to cross ‘hit and run’ off his bucket list.” While she is about to cut a bitch, Cyn, on the other side of the car, just stands there recollecting her day to this point. Like there is any time for there to be a freakin’ flashback.

This day started out bad enough, Cyn thought as she witnessed her love yelling at the strangers staring at the dented car. It was bad enough we had to attend my father’s funeral, but now this. Sure, the damage to Jewelz’s car is minor, but after the depressing morning we just endured, she has a right to let loose. Hopefully, she won’t realize that her coffee spilled all over her dress. It’s pretty clear that if Jewelz notices, she will either end up arrested because she’ll punch out a bystander or she’ll go into the casino and drink up all of the Heinekens the bar has on hand.

When Jewelz noticed that Cyn had started crying, again, she stopped her ranting and hugged her wife. After one year of marriage she had taken note that her partner was a bit soft and hated conflict. Except sometimes she thought Cyn was a wimp and had to grow some balls. “I know I’ve said this already, but you look stunning in that dress, Cyn.” Cyn looked at her with remorse. Oh no, what did Cyn do? She left the iron on in the house didn’t she? Their house is gone now.

“This is all my fault, babe. My dad, this accident, all of it.” Jewelz just looked at her like she just saw the puppymonkeybaby commercial. “I…I have to tell you something important. I messed up, my cover was blown.” Holy shit, she’s an undercover cop. Cyn wiped away her tears and held her wife’s hands. “Jewelz, I work for the CIA. I’m a spy.”


And my third story for the day is a cowboy narrative.

Good Deeds

It was by chance that we rode up on that little town called Ratenny. In the blazing heat of the desert, I took it for a mirage at first. Then Scarlet gone and raced straight for it. I still couldn’t believe mine own eyes until I saw my crew dowsing fresh water down their pie holes. It wasn’t ‘till I had a gulp myself that my vision cleared up. Scarlet’s long red hair was dripping with water after she dumped her head in the water trough a long with the top part of her red blouse. I reckon she woulda thrown off her boots and bathed in the water if our horses weren’t busy drinkin it. I tied Daisy to the post and took a seat on a bench under the shade of this swank hotel by the name of Golden Sun. Unlike the rest of the town with their brown and red and dirty white buildings that looked like they haven’t been cleaned in the last decade or two, this yellow hotel done looked too bright for my own liking. It had also been taller than the other buildings.

Mitchell sat down right next to me and offered me to drink out of his canteen which he had just filled with water. I gulped that sweet and cold and refreshing liquid like every drop was my last. When the people of the town passed us by, they looked at us with strange looks. Like we were aliens or sumthin. But one look at Mitchell’s goldilocks and blue eyes, the women swooned for just a second. He was just one of those guys with that kind of effect on people. “How can Max be out in the sun with that getup? I’m sweatin’ just by lookin at ‘em.” Mitch had a point. Max stood in the heat tending to his horse with his black trench coat on to match his black curly hair and hat. Even if he did have the skin of a native, he must have been sweatin a little.

“Eh. If that moron passes out in the heat, I ain’t gonna be the one to carry him into the shade.” I meant what I said, but I knew that if he did wind up on the ground, I probably would be the one to lug his body into some shade. We all were satisfied with our break from traveling so far without water. I coulda sworn I heard my big sis nagging me during our ride to always travel with more supplies than I’d think I need, so I won’t ever starve in the desert. I never liked it when she was right. Scarlet was walking up to Mitchell and me when she asked, “How long are we gonna stay in this town? Y’ know we only got two days left to find and deliver that treasure.” She stared at us with those narrow, hazel eyes capable of making a wild coyote sit and stay.

“We ain’t gonna be here long I don’t think,” I said, completely unsure of myself, “we just need to get some food and water for the road.” Before Scarlet could say anything else, a woman’s shout caught our attention.

“Help! Somebody, anybody please stop that man from running with my father’s money!” The woman herself was running after a middle aged man with a brown sack in his arms. I dipped my hat over my face a bit and stood in the man’s path. He was about to shove me out of the way, though, I sidestepped and tripped him with my foot. Before he even had a chance to fall to the ground, Max appeared and kicked right in the gut. I almost felt a little sorry for the guy when I saw him lying on the ground hugging his stomach and trying to keep from puking. When the woman ran up to us in her white flower patterned dress and yellow apron, Max handed her the sack the crook was carrying. “Thank you so much gentlemen. You see, this here bag has the money stolen from my father’s saloon. If that bad man had gotten away with this cash, I woulda had to close up for the day.”

“Take better care of your shop next time,” Max replied as he walked away. I had to say something quick to make this already disheartened woman feel good again.

“Don’t worry about him, he’s just a bit cranky cause we have yet to eat. It was our pleasure to help you miss.” She looked up at me with a smile and bowed as she thanked me once again.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Part Two

  1. Jecamiah Frazer says:

    What’s up with the intense cliff hanger in Secrets and Marraige??!!! I thought it was very entertaining and you did well with the lesbians.


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