Of Monsters and Men

If you like a good horror story then this next story might help with your weird interests. Let these interesting beasts broaden your knowledge on demonic lore.


My eyes started to adjust to the scenery and then the next punch came. Smacked my right cheek. I guess he had his fun because my vision finally adjusted. Wasn’t much to see, though. A grey, dreary cell with heavy duty steel door. I had a comfy cot to the left, all nice and solid like a stone slab with a sheet should be. This is the part of my day where they hang me up on a random ass hook in the middle of the room. “Oh? No snarky remark today?” Don’t worry, Victor, nothing but happy thoughts here. “I think we finally broke the bitch, fellas!” All the goons in the black ops gear laughed. I just stared at Victor with my, “yeah, you’re so funny face.” He thinks he’s so cool with his black dress pants and green dress shirt. He even has the sleeves rolled up. He’s such a dick. I haven’t even gotten to the fact that I am deeply offended by the “bitch” comment. Do I look like a woman to you? I’m shirtless, dude. It’s more than clear I have no boobs protruding from my chest. You’re a bitch. “Stop staring at me with those damn blue eyes you son of a bitch.” There’s the next punch. Darn. He was right on the money with that insult.

My eyes are the only part of my body I can shift while I have these stupid cuffs on. I hate diamond-stone. Once I realized my blood was dripping down my face, I started to laugh. A little more maniacal than I intended, but I got my point across. Scared myself a little to be honest. Mr. Suave got all pissed and went for another punch when the alarm went off. Loud sirens were heard across the entire compound. “The hell is going on!” Victor was not happy now. “All of you guard the hall, I’m taking this prisoner off site.” I could smell my pack coming, shedding blood on the way. My friends aren’t very sneaky. They’re showy, but mostly straight to the point. Just my style.

Victor scurries me down the hallway opposite of the guards. I would’ve asked to put on my shirt, but that asshole torched it days ago along with my favorite jacket. As he was doing it, I told him I’d kill him for that. Make his death so terrifying that he’d have nightmares of me in his next life. We walk down a second hallway when the wall suddenly explodes. Lucky for me, my cuffs brake off. I look at Victor and give him a huge grin. “Will you look at that,” I say as I start to shift, “looks like we get to play one of my favorite games.” My silver fox tail and ears grow out and my body becomes covered in fur. I’m too tired to go all out right now, so I’ll stop there. I let blondie run down the hall. I stare down the hall and chuckle as I announce, “the chase is the best part.” I dash through hallway to hallway, not even at full speed. The soldiers try to shoot me with no avail. I bounce from one wall to another and kick one guy in the face and quickly punch another in the gut. It feels so good to stretch my legs…and arms…and tail.

I knock out more and more guards as I pursue my prey. I stay just far enough behind Vic, so he can see me coming, but thinks that he can outrun me. I know, I’m so cruel, but I am having so much fun and don’t have any fucks to give at the moment. I might have some in stock later. I finally find my way outside and find Victor guarded by ten men aiming their rifles right at me. I’m so flattered and so disappointed that he thought ten guys could stop me. Such a foolish human. I start to walk towards them and before any of them can get a bullet out of the chamber, they’re all shot down by two shadowy figures flipping through the air and landing behind Vic. As I continue to walk toward Vic, my companions walk out of the giant, gated entrance. I see small balls, slowly retreating backwards and smile. I shift completely, growing to seven feet tall, blue wolf fur mixing with the fox. My claws grow out long, thick, and sharp. My face morphs into what many people may refer to as a werewolf. My dark blue eyes stare down Victor so hard that he completely freezes. I skewer him through his chest with my claws. His face in awe. Because I couldn’t care less, I let my instincts take over and I chomp down on the bastard’s neck. All of that because of a shirt and a jacket? That’s what you’re thinking, right? Damn straight. He torched my favorite jacket, which I got from my parents as a Hanukkah present and had worn for seven years. That bitch had to go.

I throw the body to the ground and say, “chimeras can’t be kept in a cage forever,” as I walk out of the gates, slowly shifting back to normal. Except for the blood dripping down my face. I find my friends waiting for me in front of the passageway into a dark forest. Cheyenne is always wearing some kind of combat gear. Black boots, jeans, and a yellow tank top to match her blazing yellow eyes. She tosses me a blue shirt, a pair of Adidas, and a black leather jacket. As I put on my clothes, Charlie announces,

“Let’s get the hell out of here, I’ve got tons of ladies waiting for me to take them out for dinner.” Charlie’s my best friend. Long, curly, black hair, a red, short sleeve hoodie, shorts, and converse was his favorite look. Someone should tell him that the women he fantasizes about will never date him. Oh wait, I have, numerous times. His scarlet eyes gave his joyful persona a bit devious look. I walk past them both.

“We need to get back to the pack, Alpha is waiting,” Cheyenne demands. I wasn’t going back just yet.

“I have a promise to keep,” I say as we walk into the shadows.