Stay Tuned

So I know I haven’t written anything in a while and that is for good reason. Many good reasons actually. Within the past few months I’ve had to deal with seizures, surgery, adjusting to a new job, minor crises, and slap a slab of spoiled, stress inducing probably not kosher meat called school with it all and one would say that these past few months have been more chaotic than normal for me. For the record, that is precisely what I am saying. So, I’ve been MIA from more than just my blog. And unfortunately, I will be for a tad bit longer while I sort some things out and decide on which story I’d like to publish next. In the meantime, I have one very special birthday poem for my readers. Stay groovy, gang.

When You Wanna Write
Eliasaph Maze Anderson

When you wanna write, but you got nowhere to go
Nothing is fueling your flow
Got no motivation
What an abomination
You’re letting down your entire nation

Wait, that’s me
When you can’t write, you can’t see
And when I’m down I get myself high
My spirit rides the wind like a kaleidoscope kite
But I don’t need to smoke.

There are better ways to walk amongst the clouds without the dope
So, don’t assume I’m just another writer with a wonderland inside my mind
Because I am
But having an addiction to cope with the system isn’t necessary
I broke the system and had it cope around my true self, not the canary
Found the mute button on that chatty raven pulling my strings
In this realm I’m no prince, I’m king

That revolution was not televised
My demon’s still around so I don’t let people gaze into my eyes

My shadow’s as curious as I am
In the worst way
He opens the doors you keep chained up
Doors that open just a crack and send tremors through your pores

We’re on certain terms though
He will aid in my flow
As long as my dreams are a free zone
So sometimes I don’t sleep.
And I wanna write, but the stress of college and my reaper blood keeps eroding me
Trying to consume my existence like Venom and Carnage
I know I’m close to a level up, but I wanna eject this cartridge

It’s just so much

And I wanna write.
And soon I will.
I need more time to calm my soul from a lightning storm back to a static feel





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