Love Interruption

You know what love is? It’s magical. Surreal. It’s a rush to all your senses and the cleanest ecstasy you’ll ever have. Love sucks. At least it can. Love can beat you on the ground bloody. Love can take your heart, eat it up, and spit it out. Love can be your salvation and depress you. Even Cupid himself is a symbol of the romanticism of love and the sufferings of it.

I digress. Today’s post is one I didn’t intend to do but decided to do to showcase an old poem that I edited and finally think it’s good enough to publish. But this is not a typical love poem. It’s not really about “love” at all. Just about the wonderful parts of a particular relationship alongside the awful parts.

Before I showcase this poem, I suggest that you listen to “Love Interruption” by Jack White because it’s a great song depicting how love affects people. The entire Blunderbuss album is amazing but that one fits the holiday mood the most, maybe. Another song suggestion is “Dream” by Bishop Briggs. That song actually holds a similar theme to today’s poem and I actually listened to a lot of Bishop Briggs during the time this poem was conceived, so it might have had subconscious effects on my writing I wasn’t aware of until this very moment.

Anyway, enjoy the poem and have a great Valentine’s day.

Your Name
Eliasaph Maze Anderson

I remember the day you parted the rain
Walked up to me in the café and told me your name
You said that I seemed cool
And I thought, I guess
And from that moment guessing was all I did
All you did
We had no clue what we got ourselves into
It was fantastic
Like Disney’s Fantasmic
The time we spent together dazzled like fireworks
And it hurt
When the show ended, in disbelief that it would
But the journey was a magical entrance
To new adventures I could only imagine ‘till you pulled them out of your hat
As if you knew that taking a leap inside my mind would be a fun idea
And that was all it was to you

Pastimes are imperative to destress the world you’re sinking in
I was oblivious to the clock ticking down, in the pocket that you put me in
Though the disco ball spun in the sky, I’m not confident that it ever danced around
The sky used as a canvas for the meteor we both called magical
Painting streaks of scarlets, azure, and violets as it sailed by
What we weren’t sure of lasting a week montaged across months
A shower of vibes was in flux that could only be categorized as groovy
Generating a bond marvelous, extraordinary

With an aeon sneaking past me
I wonder if this reminiscing mystique
Could be considered a jubilee
For musical laughter escapes me at the thought of pajamas and burritos
My eyes are photoshopped as stars at the remembrance of the candlelight dinner
Stars shaded over by your super power
Without any warning I’m just sitting for hours
With the minutes passing by
Not realizing the absence of ticks on the clock and color in the sky

Playing with the music that hums in my brain
Summoning it to rain all over the page
You witness
The sword I’ve been trying to swing as a blessing slice you like a scythe
Dripping a curable pain from the wound
It’s just weird, is what you say
The explanation would be spoken if you stopped stepping away
How could I possibly say what I was feeling?
I understood your feelings
A lack of understanding morphs weird into terrifying
Anxieties causing theories to go flying
Just like a fool
Bending air in an attempt to bridge that abyss
Ended with an apologetic wish
Not knowing that my calming winds would fuel your fire
Into raging flames lacking desire

I’m sorry

As I gaze through Your Name
Reminiscing the hauntings up to the meteor’s crash-landing on our hollow sanctuary
One haunting meant for diaries flows vividly through my mind
The night we shared a moment I had not experienced For the Longest Time
The night I had the pleasure of drinking whiskey with an acting dame
I will remember you as fondly as that night
As fondly as the Arctic Monkeys view Arabella
When I remember your name

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