An Erotica Flew Over the Virginity Nest

So I wrote an erotic poem. Who saw that one coming? Not me. But I did it and am really proud of it. Honestly, I think it’s the best poem I’ve ever written. I even used as many skills up my magical sleeves as I could fluidly make fit. I originally wrote this piece for Tucson’s annual erotic art show, but I didn’t make the deadline and then the pandemic cancelled the show. However, I will submit it next year and hopefully get picked. I also wrote this poem because well….why not? I am a writer. I should write whatever my creativity breeds, right? And this year I’ve been trying a slew of new things. Within my writing and my extra curricular activities. I worked a beer festival, went to an EDM festival called Dusk, dressed as a musketeer for ye old renaissance fair, met and befriended all sorts of new peeps. And I have many more adventures waiting for me and new crowds to surround myself with. And doing all of these things just enhances me as a person as well as a writer. I love it.

And one new and already good friend named Quynn graciously allowed me to use them as my muse for this poem. Which also led to the creation of my first non-binary character in any of my works. So, I am super grateful to Quynn for being a magical person and helping me make this poem a huge success.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this crisis. Physically and mentally. Stay groovy as smoothies.

Mystical Moon

Eliasaph Maze Anderson

As the dusk looms over
The fireflies strike the candlelight
Lavender, vanilla, strawberries
Grab my spirit by the shaft and tugs me ever so close
And yet
I’m still too far from my destination

The thread of destiny weaved by witches that did not see but felt
The slightest brush of their bare bountiful breasts
The lightest pecks of marshmallow kisses trailing from their neck to hips
Ever. So. Increasing
Enlightened breeze of fondness
With every stroke over their sensitively sweet centerpieces

The woven connection that reels my attention should not be mistaken for a woman
A faerie holds my gaze intently
Cerulean grey jewels search my soul
Flowing gracefully about my aura as if they were a ballerina on a pole
A stiff, thick, rod eases up to greet the magical flyer hugging my lap with their naked thighs
Their hands wave over my chest as will-o-wisp whispers heat up my body from my ears to my toes
All I can do to keep from floating away
is to grasp their curvy waists and pull the faerie close so their soft nipples kiss my chest the same way my lips grind with theirs
My tongue slips into their mouth as smoothly as my rapier into their sheath

As our auras rage with each other like a sauna
The beasts we keep leashed inside claw their way to the surface
And we no longer cared about our game of strip tease and stripped with ease
Remaining embraced as much as we could so that we didn’t lose the enchanted air we needed to soar
To keep the electricity flowing through our lungs
To keep my lips on theirs, my teeth on their neck, my hands and tongue on their beautiful chest
To keep their nails clinging to my back
The faerie digging deeper to my spirit as I thrust closer to theirs

The faerie’s wings tighten around me as they plead
The rhythm of our song increasing from the swaying waltz
To the strong, marcato, 808 beats
That fueled a crescendo of affirmations from my partner

The magic between us boils to a climax again and again
Again and again
As our spirits blend, time melts away, we’re transported to another realm where we can experience true freedom and pleasure
Among the grass, trees, open weather
Like two wolves mating to midnight’s melodious tune
We howl our hearts and souls not just to each other but up to the radiant light of the mystical moon

Another Pokemon Story

So I have another Pokemon story here. It’s part 3 of the story I had started long ago. I keep getting wrapped up in new projects and don’t continue the ones I created to be continued. Yeah, I have a real problem. Luckily, you can always go back to other pages of my blog and reread stories if need be. The beauty of a website. Anywho, Thanksgiving is coming up and I felt like this story would fit well with the time of being with family and having a good time. Why? Well, it’s because this part of my story features some special guests. My mom, Jackie; my dad, Kiel; some of my best friends; and a special portion of this story is focused on the villain also based off one of my best friends, Bre. And I am thankful this year for what I am thankful for every year, my friends and family. And delicious food.

Pokemon Neo: Episode 1 Part 3

Professor Elm groggily walked up the steps of the hill to his lab. The sky held dark pigments of orange and blue. The rising sun was visible in the horizon even with the abundance of Mareep fur for clouds.As the professor reached the lab he spotted Umbreon, Espeon, and myself slouched on the ground in front of his door. He pushed up his glasses. “Maze? Hey, Maze,get up.” My eyes revealed themselves as slowly as the sun.

            “Yeah, professor, what’s up?” Umbreon and Espeon joined us in consciousness.

            “I was gonna ask you that? What are you doing here at…” he checked his watch, “six in the morning?” Standing up, I answered his question.

            “Well, first of all, I’m here to pick my starter, so I can finally start my journey, second of all,” I pulled the black, rectangular box from my jacket pocket, “I had to return this sleek looking box to you, and third-” before I could finish, the doc took the box from my hand and rushed inside his lab.

            “I can’t believe it! You actually found it?! Thank you so much, if someone else got their hands on this treasure I don’t know what I would’ve done!” He immediately turned on a bunch of scanning equipment to observe the two stones that were inside the box. Umbreon, Espeon, and I just stood at the entrance, shifting our heads side to side as we watched Professor Elm run around. A minute later, the doc finally stopped in front of us. “Uh, Maze, who are your new friends?”

            “Finally he noticed us,” Espeon rolled her eyes. Umbreon did the same. Giving a soft chuckle, I replied to the doc’s question.

            “These are my new partners, Umbreon and Espeon. I met them while searching for your box last night. And they are the third reason why I came to see you so early in the morning.” Professor Elm stroked his chin and gave me a look of intrigue.

            “What’s so troubling about them that you need to see me?”

            “Well, you see, doc…that’s kinda a long story.” After telling the professor everything that happened to me yesterday, including the fights against Bre and the event of almost dying in the fire, the siblings were immediately examined on many of the lab’s machines. “I have no idea how Espeon could use icy wind, but she did. My parents couldn’t figure it out either, so I thought you could help, sense Pokémon abilities are what you specialize in.” The professor continued to observe the data he got from the siblings on his computer monitors. Snapcakes. I hate it when he does this, I thought. There’s no reason for me to say anything, it’s not like he’s listening. I sat at the table in the center of the lab, arms crossed. I decided to take in all of the sights of the lab since it would be my last day in it for a while.

At both sides of the front door were orange couches with mahogany coffee tables and several bookshelves accompanied the walls. The shelves lead to the center of the building which was a circular room that had a giant supercomputer on the left side with a Pokémon transfer system connected to it while the scanning machines were on the other wall. The back wall was a huge window that showed the flat, open grassy field behind the lab. At the very center, where I was sitting, was the large, blue and white examination table that the professor did most of his work on as well as inspect any Pokémon, artifact, or peculiar object brought to him. In the main part of the building there was a visible second level that had more books and desks topped with a huge mess of paperwork, chemistry lab tools, and colored substances. There’s also a kitchen up there.

            “I’m all done with these two.” Umbreon and Espeon jumped onto the table I was sitting at. Professor Elm laid charts in front of me showing Umbreon and Espeon’s body structure. “If you look at the cells in each of their bodies, they seem to be a tiny bit larger than normal.” He put two more charts on top of the others, this time showing DNA strands and two multicolored pictures of brains. “If you look here, there seems to be an anomaly in their DNA. Parts of their strains seem almost crystalized, but instead of damaging their bodies, the crystallization is enhancing their body structure. Kind of like a mutation. And their brain activity is highlighted more in the area where Pokémon retain information on moves and abilities that they have learned throughout the years. That means they are using a higher percentage of that part of their brain than any of their species.” I looked up at Professor Elm.

            “So, you’re saying that the energy from that stone heightened Umbreon and Espeon’s abilities and body, which caused them to learn moves that they normally couldn’t?” The doc nodded.

            “Precisely. There is more to this effect of course, but I will have to study this anomaly further to come to an accurate conclusion on the matter.”

            “Do you need them to do it or is it ok for them to travel with me?” The doc noticed the anxiety in my eyes.

            “Don’t worry, I have enough data to do research without these two here. They are free to go with you on your journey.” Professor Elm pressed a button on the table that made part of it slide open, allowing a metal platform to rise up. Three Pokéballs rested on it. “If you still want, the offer to befriend one of the starter Pokémon of the Johto region is still available. Even though you have Pokémon of your own now, I’ll let you take one of these little guys with you as a thank you for all of your help.” The doc smiled as he awaited my decision.

            “Of course, doc. I would never refuse the chance to make new friends.” I picked up the Pokéball with the flame symbol on it and threw it across the room. “I choose you!” A Cyndaquil jumped out of the ball and walked towards me. It nudged my leg and let out a cute little cry. I knelt down and petted its soft, blue head. “So, buddy, how would you like to join me and these two on a journey around the world?” It nodded happily. “Sounds groovy.” Cyndaquil then proceeded to nibble at my blue and yellow shirt. Umbreon wacked my supporting leg on its side so hard that I lost my balance and smacked the hard wood floor face first. I quickly got back up onto my knees and grabbed the little jerk by the ears. Umbreon cried out with defiance as I tugged. “Well, that’s what you get for being a little shit.” Espeon sighed.

            “Will you two be civil for a moment?” Umbreon and I paused and turned our attention to Espeon. “Though, my brother was harsh in saying so, he was trying to tell you that he disproves of letting Cyndaquil join our team.” I let my oppressor fall to the floor. He landed safely on his feet and proudly strutted away.

            “Why is that?” I asked.

            “This particular Cyndaquil is newly hatched. My brother doubts he’d be able to protect himself much less any of us while we’re traveling.” She said. I sat with my legs crossed. Cyndaquil huffed as he climbed over my knee and into my lap.

            “That’s when training comes in. He’ll grow as we grow and become stronger together. I have a feeling he’s got all out fire in that belly that’s yearning to fly. Even if Cyndaquil doesn’t realize it yet.” Cyndaquil couldn’t help but laugh while I tickled his belly. I noticed Umbreon turning his back to me as if he was dissatisfied with my answer. Distracted by what Umbreon might have been thinking, Cyndaquil took the opportunity to nibble on my hand. “Hey, I’d really like it if you didn’t do that, okay?”

            “It seems he needs some breakfast,” said the professor. At that moment, my stomach growled and I shrugged embarrassingly.

            “He’s not the only one,” I laughed.

            “Maze, we found you!” Sam cried out as he rounded the hilltop. Brett, Jose, and Andrew were close behind. I was chomping down on an apple as I watched Cyndaquil play with his new friends among the soft grass.

            “So, you chose Cyndaquil too. Just had to copy me, didn’t you?” Brett said.

            “I told you years ago I was gonna choose him, so don’t act so smug.” I said. They all sat around me in the grass.

            “Maze?” Andrew started. “What the heck happened to you last night? We’ve been calling, texting, I was even forced out of my comfy bed, playin’ my videogames just to go out with these idiots into the woods looking for ya.” He sounded like he went out on a pointless and annoying errand. “And I walk up all of these stairs…” Oh look, he’s not done ranting. My face resembled that of a teacher being humored with another stupid reason why a student didn’t do their homework. The others just talked among themselves and asked me questions while Andrew went on. “…just to find you laying around, doing absolutely nothin’, while these little fur balls play in the sun. By themselves no less! You don’t even have the decency to play with your own Pokémon!” He spotted the apple I was chomping on. “Not to mention the fact that you’re here eating breakfast while these poor, tiny creatures starve to death in the summer sun! What kind of trainer are you?!”

            “Well, I-” I tried to respond.

            “A terrible one, that’s what. I feel sorry for these little guys and all the other Pokémon you surprisingly catch in the future.” I knew he’d do that, he always does that. He makes it all melodramatic, too. As if he’s putting on a Shakespearian play.

            “Hey, Maze? Where did the Umbreon and Espeon come from?” Sam asked.

            “They finally noticed. Are all of your friends this oblivious?” Espeon said. Umbreon scoffed as he laid down in the grass.

            “Woah that Espeon just spoke!” Jose’s eyes grew to the size of watermelons. And he wasn’t alone.

            “Yea. She uses psychic to speak to me. She doesn’t usually speak to everyone.”

            “I thought it was important to express how strange they are.” She said.I burst out laughing.

            “That sounds like something Umbreon would say. Actually, he would’ve called them stupid.” Umbreon nodded softly. “It’s true my friends are strange but they are actually pretty cool sometimes.”

            “What do you mean ‘sometimes’!?” The guys said simultaneously.

            “Calm down, guys. Geez. You want to know what happened, right?” I asked. They nodded. “Then shut up and listen.” Once again I relived last night’s eventful stroll through Team Rocket’s base, but I told them the complete story. “…And then I told the doc, got Cyndaquil, ate, came out here to play, and then you guys showed up, and now we’re here.”

            “I don’t believe you,” said Brett.

            “Me neither.” Andrew agreed. My friends don’t believe me when I tell them a crazy story? What a shocker. He said with so much sarcasm, I thought. I sighed and took off my jacket, so that I could roll up my sleeves to show off the burn marks on my skin. “Holy crapsicle, Maze! How did you survive?!”

            “Well, if you listened to my story, you’d know.” I said.

            “You’re lucky you didn’t die,” Sam said concerned.

            “I had luck and this amazing duo with me.” I gestured to Umbreon and Espeon. Espeon smiled back.

            “Which is why you need to show us something, son.” A woman’s voice announced. We all turned to find my parents walking toward us.

            “Show you what, Mom?” I said even though I knew exactly what they were doing there.

            “Just like your sisters, you have to beat either your mother or I in a battle before we let you go on your adventure,” Dad chimed in. “You can’t leave until we see that you can take care of yourself out in the world. With more than luck.” He started tossing a Pokéball in the air. “You ready, son?” He had a mocking smile. I got on my feet as Umbreon and Espeon calmly joined me on either side. Cyndaquil, being just a baby, wasn’t sure what was happening and just copied Umbreon’s battle stance.

            “We’re ready,” I said confidently.

            We stepped onto the battlefield behind the lab. A large, white, rectangular arena was outlined in the grass. At each end were small rectangular spaces for the trainers and halfway across the field another line stretched into a Pokéball in the center. Umbreon, Espeon, and I stood in one end while my dad stood in the other. My parents had all their Pokémon enjoying the morning weather. Dad’s Donphan, Onix, and Larvitar as well as Mom and her Sceptile, Swellow, Gliscor, and Torkoal were watching on the side lines along with my friends. Needless to say I have a huge family. And they were all here watching the oncoming fight. “You know the rules. You can pick anyone of your mother’s or I’s Pokémon, excluding the ones we picked ahead of time.” Mom and Dad always chose Sceptile and Houndoom as their partners, respectively. Houndoom had been sitting obediently beside my father. Something was different about him, though. I could see a collar on him with a stone attached in the center. It looked just like the stone I delivered to Professor Elm.

            “Woah, is that a mega stone!? You can’t use that, that’s so unfair!” I shouted to dad. He stuck his tongue out at me.

            “I can do what I want, it’s fair if I say it is.” He said in a mocking tone. My eyes squinted as my expression turned from “stupefied” to “what the hell.” My mother held her face in one hand as she shook her head.

            “He’s such a child,” I heard her mumble. What a little shit, I thought. How am I gonna beat him if he can mega evolve? This is so lame. I stood there thinking of a plan. My cheeks puffed up as I thought. Umbreon nudged my leg. “Let’s kick his ass,” he seemed to say. Even though I could no longer hear his voice in my head, it was easy to tell what he was trying to tell me.

            “Alright then,” I nodded. “I’m not gonna battle with them today. I want to defeat you both with my own Pokémon.” Umbreon stepped into the arena. “Hey, Cyndaquil. Watch the battle closely, alright?” Cyndaquil gave a small cry.

            “Ok, son, but I’m not gonna take it easy on you!” Dad shouted. He showed off the rainbow colored key stone embedded in his watch. Can he still tell time with that thing?

            “Each trainer is allowed one Pokémon! The trainer whose partner faints first or goes out of bounds is the loser!” The professor said. Houndoom walked onto the field. My dad flipped his blue cap backwards. Umbreon crouched. I took a deep breath as the moment finally arrived. I’ve watched on the sidelines as my sisters battled our parents. Now it was my turn. At that moment, the world froze longer than the Ice Age and all of the color faded away. The air filled with complete silence as my ears absorbed my slow, deep breathes. Steadily, I started to boil inside, the world around me shrunk until only the battle field remained. I smirked. “Let the battle begin!” All at once, vigor awakened in full bloom.

            “Umbreon use iron tail!” I told him. He ran ahead and hopped into the air. His tail turned into metal.

            “Houndoom, catch him with fire fang,” Dad commanded. Right before Umbreon made contact, Houndoom bared his teeth, encompassed in flames. With his fangs, he grabbed Umbreon’s tail. Umbreon and I both had wide eyes. “Now throw him to the ground,” Dad said. His partner whipped his head, along with Umbreon, in the air. And then dropped, slamming my partner to the ground. Grass and a bit of dust flew above the earth. “Use flamethrower.” The attacks were relentless.

            “Get away now!” I said. Umbreon scurried away before a stream of fire left Houndoom’s mouth. The little guy ran away as the fire followed him around the field. I had to think of a way to dodge those attacks but didn’t know how. Then I remembered. The night before, Umbreon and Espeon told me the moves they knew. “Umbreon, go underground!” Luckily, he understood and dug a hole into the ground barely dodging a fire blast. For a moment, the field was silent. Dad and Houndoom had their guard up, scanning the area. I didn’t know how, but I could tell exactly where Umbreon was. The second I felt he was in place I told him, “attack!” He came up fast and hard. Umbreon popped up from underneath the huge, spikey dog, head-butting him right in the face. “Nice one! Hit ’em with iron tail!” With one swift swing, Umbreon knocked Houndoom to the side. “Yeah!” I cheered. Umbreon smiled back at me. We can win, I thought.

            “What are you cheering about!? You haven’t won!” Said Dad. “Go! Hit them with thunder fang!” Dad’s eyes were no longer open, bright, and cheery. They were narrowed, impenetrable, calculating.

            “Dodge it!” I said. Umbreon zig-zagged across the field, barely avoiding his pursuer’s electrified fangs. Is it just me or is Umbreon slower than usual? Umbreon’s speed was no match against his opponent. He’s gonna take a hit no matter what, better make it count. “Payback now!” He looked at me like I was crazy, but quickly understood. He stopped and let Houndoom bite down on his shoulder and throw him across the field. However, Umbreon did something I didn’t think of. He landed on his feet and used the momentum from the throw to build up speed as he charged his opponent engulfed in a black and purple aura. The attack knocked Houndoom a few feet away. Unfortunately, he didn’t sustain a lot of damage since he was a dark type like Umbreon. Umbreon tried to get some distance between him and Houndoom but tripped as he was starting to run. Holy Snapcakes! That’s when I realized. He was getting slower because he was badly injured. He had a bad burn on his hind leg, which must mean that he didn’t entirely dodge that first flamethrower. Damn. How could I have missed that? We need to change tactics. “Listen up, buddy!” The little rascal looked my way. His face winced at the pain. “We’re switching it up. We’re gonna need to attack from below and I mean relentlessly, got it?” He nodded. “Great then use dig.”Houndoom failed to stop Umbreon from burrowing into the field.

            “Watch your back, big guy! They’re tricky.” Dad and his partner surveyed the area again. I gave a minute for Umbreon to rest his injury and set up the attack. And once the time was right,

            “Let’s go!” I called. Umbreon came out from behind Houndoom, swiped at the beast with his paw, and retreated back underground. While the pooch was disoriented, Umbreon came up, attacked again, and when back under. He was determined to make this plan work even with his injury. And he was succeeding. The constant attacks were slowing Houndoom down, weakening him. That was until…

            “That’s enough of that. Houndoom use flamethrower.” Following dad’s orders, big, dark, and scary poked his head into one of the holes Umbreon made and blew fire into it.

            “Umbreon, get out of there!” I yelled, but to no avail. Fire spewed out of every hole around the field and Umbreon flew out of the one closest to me. “Umbreon, no!” I cried. I didn’t know what to do. He wasn’t unconscious, meanwhile, he could barely stand on his feet and he had burn marks all over. I could feel Espeon’s soul tighten as if an Arbok had wrapped itself around her. Even so, she kept a sturdy composure. Probably for my sake. I knew Dad wasn’t gonna go easy, but this is insane, I thought. So, this is what a Pokémon battle is like against a powerful opponent. This is probably the equivalent of a gym battle. My parents never did anything without a reason. They always had a lesson to teach. I guess that’s what this battle was really for. Not to test, but to teach.

            “Finish this!” Dad roared. Houndoom stood on the other side of the battleground by my father. He took a moment to focus and then released a dark ray of rings toward Umbreon. Houndoom’s dark pulse. Even though it’s a dark type move, it would still do enough damage to Umbreon if it made contact.

            “Counterattack!” I yelled in the heat of the moment. Then Umbreon did something no one was expecting. The yellow rings on his body glowed and he fired a blast of electricity at Houndoom. The two moves collided at the center of the field. For a moment the attacks were even, but Umbreon lost power and the dark pulse hit the ground in front of him. He was sent flying in the air. Before he crash-landed I rushed over and dove to the ground, catching him in my arms. Umbreon’s eyes were shaky spirals.

            “Umbreon is unable to battle! The winner is Houndoom and Kiel!” The professor announced. Everyone clapped and cheered. Cyndaquil and Espeon waited anxiously beside me as we watched Umbreon open his eyes.

            “Thank goodness, you’re alright,” said Espeon. Umbreon snickered. “We almost had him,” he seemed to tell me.

            “Looks like he’s proud of your performance,” My mom said from behind me. “You had fun, didn’t you?” Umbreon nodded at her question. “That’s good. If you don’t have fun battling, then you shouldn’t battle. Simple as that.” Mom smiled and walked toward the opposite side of the field. As she passed Dad, they high fived like Dad was tagging her in. Dad and Houndoom stood before me while Umbreon got back to his feet.

            “Now you know what a real battle is like. Scary isn’t it?” Dad smiled.

            “That’s an understatement,” I responded softly.

            “You did a good job, son. Umbreon too. In order for you both to get stronger, you need to work as a team. You need to have a strong bond with your friends. Isn’t that right, pal?” Dad petted Houndoom who roared in return. “Now that you know what to expect, go give your mother a hard time.” He stood with the rest of his Pokémon on the sidelines. Before following his partner, the big dog smiled at Umbreon and me as a sign of his approval.

            “Maze,” Espeon called, “It’s our turn. And I’m ready to win.” I laughed.

            “Yeah, let’s give them a show.” I told her. Espeon stood in the field in front of me as Umbreon, Cyndaquil, and I stood back in the trainer spot.

            “You can do it, Maze!”

            “You better win, bro!”

            “If you lose again, I’m gonna laugh so hard!”

            “I believe in you two!” My friends’ somewhat reassuring cheers increased my confidence. I knew my mother was serious because she put on her leather, fingerless gloves while Sceptile got into position. I need to get in the zone this time, I thought. I threw my jacket to the grass behind me, rolled up my sleeves, and fixed the position of my beanie.

            “Let the match begin!” Professor Elm announced.

            “Alright, Espeon, hit ‘em with swift,” I said. It was better to attack from a distance and try to lead Sceptile to us with the chance of him falling into a hole. With one swish of Espeon’s split tail a slew of gold stars flew at Sceptile.

            “Leaf blade,” Mom said softly. The leaves on Sceptile’s arms combined and turned into single, razor sharp blades. He destroyed the stars with short and rapid swipes. I’ve seen Mom and Sceptile battle before and Mom barely ever raised her voice when giving a command. It’s like she says it just for herself, her Pokémon already knows what to do. “Get up close and use dragon claw.” In a split second, Sceptile disappeared from his initial position and reappeared in front of Espeon. His hands were engulfed in claws made from a green aura. Espeon dodged it before I could say anything. How she kept up with Sceptile’s speed, I had no idea, but I was glad she did. She was holding her own against the onslaught until she lost her footing on the edge of a hole. Mom let out a dubious smile. Sceptile went in for the attack.

            “I don’t think so,” I said, smiling back. “Block with iron tail and jump into the air!” Espeon followed my command flawlessly. She slammed her tail on one claw and used it as leverage to thrust herself into the sky, successfully dodging the second claw. “Let’s see them fight us in the air,” I mumbled. “Use swift again!” Espeon did so while Sceptile was blinded by the bright sun.

            “Leaf blade once again,” said Mom. Sceptile was ready to strike.

            “Not this time. Espeon, Psychic.” I didn’t have to tell her anything else, she knew what I was thinking. The overgrown gecko may have protected himself from a few of the stars, but Espeon used psychic on the rest, changing their trajectory in order to hit him from behind. Sceptile staggered about after the stars exploded, making an opening for us. “Iron tail, now!”

            “Dodge and use leaf storm,” Mom commanded. Sceptile flashed out of Espeon’s sight. He reappeared on her left. A spiral of leaves erupted from the gecko’s body and surrounded Espeon, thrusting her back into the air. Everyone watched as the green twister flew around the field, spinning over and over, for what felt like hours before finally crashing into the ground. Espeon stumbled on her way to her feet. She had cuts all over her body. Our opponents took advantage of the situation and gave her one jaw-dropping blow to the gut with their dragon claw. However, one wasn’t enough. They rained down a barrage of punches. Espeon blasted Sceptile’s mind with psychic, giving her time to gain some distance between them. “Don’t let them get away,” Mom ordered. Sceptile shook off the attack and rushed Espeon.

            “Dodge him!” I cried. Espeon dodged left and right from her pursuer’s jabs. At some points she used iron tail to deflect a dragon claw or leaf blade. I contemplated a better strategy while Mom and Sceptile were being held off.

            “We’ve got this,” Espeon told me. I saw her smiling on the field. It wasn’t just her. Mom and Sceptile were having also enjoying themselves. Even under so much pressure, I couldn’t help but love such a heart-punching challenge.

            “Bulldoze.” Mom’s new command electrified my mind. In my head, Espeon and I both shouted, “What!?” Without hesitation, Sceptile stomped on the ground, which caused not just the field, but a good amount of space around the battleground to rumble. The move made Espeon and me stumble to the grass. “Fun’s over you two! Finish it with leaf storm and then leaf blade,” said Mom. Fuck, I thought. Espeon became engulfed in another fury of leaves and headed straight for Sceptile. This is gonna be close.

            “Espeon! Ride the storm!” I shouted. As she tumbled in the frenzy, Espeon positioned herself so that she was facing Sceptile at the opening of the storm. Bearing the pain of the leaves cutting at her body. I rose to my feet. “Groovy! Use icy wind!”

            “What?!” My mother was baffled. In fact, everyone in the audience shared the same expression. They were whispering among themselves, trying to figure out what I meant. If I was using some kind of code to throw Mom off or if I was just that dumb. It was no trick, but it threw Sceptile off for a second before counterattacking with his leaf blade. And that second was all we needed. Espeon spewed cold air from her mouth causing the front end of the storm to turn to ice and decelerate, cushioning the blow from the leaf blade. Though injured, she still landed on her feet.

            “Use swift!” I ordered.

            “Jump in the air!” Mom shouted. As planned, Sceptile jumped up before Espeon made her move.

            “Go ahead and freeze the ground,” I told Espeon.

            “Here goes!” She yelled before covering the entire field in a sheet of ice.

            “Break it!” Mom yelled. As Sceptileapproached the ground he used dragon claw and broke part of the ice. However, heended up in one of the holes the ice was covering. Huh. I wasn’t expecting that, but whatever works. “Climb back up!”Mom was even more flustered.

            “Go for it, buddy,” I said. Just as Sceptile’s upper body rose above the hole, Espeon greeted him with an iron tail slam to the gut. Sceptile flew several feet out. He was struggling to rise again to continue the fight. Then the Professor called out.

            “The fight is over! Sceptile is unable to battle. The winners are Espeon and Maze!” Everyone’s faces were in awe.

            “Wait, why?” I asked. When they heard the question, everyone laughed. Even Sceptile.

            “Look closely, son,” Mom said, “my Pokémon’s out of bounds.” I looked where mother’s partner was and upon closer inspection I realized that Sceptile was standing in the grass while just a couple feet away from him was the frosted field line. My face put on a huge smile, which turned into a full-blown laugh. Exhausted, my legs turned to jelly, and I collapsed to my knees. Espeon jumped on me, knocking me on my ass. Umbreon and Cyndaquil joined in the pile. I just kept laughing. “You did a great job,” Mom told Sceptile as she petted him. Standing up, my friends surrounded me like my own personal cheer squad.

            “You did it, Maze!” Sam announced.

            “You took your sweet time,” Brett said.

            “Wow. Just wow. You got so freakin’ lucky,” said Andrew.

            “You’re a free man, now,” Jose proclaimed.

            “It was all thanks to Espeon, she did the hard work.” I said.

            “We worked as a team,” said Espeon. Umbreon and Cyndaquil cheered.

            “That you did. You two make quite a pair,” Mom told us. She and Dad approached us.

            “You know what she said?” I asked.

            “Yep. And I can tell you both have made quite the connection yourselves. You just need to obtain a strong connection like that with all of your other Pokémon from now on.” My mother’s ability to understand every Pokémon like she spoke their language always astounded me. She told me it was a family trait or something. Dad could only understand his own Pokémon and that took a while.

            “Congrats, son, you passed,” Dad said, extending his hand to me. I took it and returned to my feet. “So, where are you going from here?” That was a hard question. Many kids nowadays started their journeys in other regions instead of in the one they were from. They even waited to receive their starter until they reached their region of choice.

            “You’re coming to the Hoenn region with us, right?” Sam asked. Jose and Andrew were also awaiting my answer. I thought about this for a while, though it was never necessary. I made up my mind as soon as they asked me years before.

            “Nope. Sorry, fellas, but I feel like I should explore the Johto region first and go from there.” I answered.

            “Aww,” they said simultaneously. Their eyes slumped.

            “Don’t worry, man, I’ll keep you company,” Brett said with a smile. At least I had one friend traveling with me.

            “Groovy smoothies! This should be fun,” I said.

            After a few hours of rest, last minute packing, and visiting people to say goodbye to, my friends and I met back at the pier south of town.

            “Well, this is it,” I said. We stood on the platform in front of a huge cruise ship. We were all happy to finally start our adventures but saddened by the fact we were splitting up the gang. “Don’t worry, guys, we’ll see each other again at the Pokémon league.” I tried to reassure them.

            “We better, Maze.” Sam commanded. “Or we’re gonna come looking for you guys.”

            “Please don’t leave me with these idiots forever. I’m gonna die,” Andrew added.

            “Don’t have too much fun without us,” Jose chimed in.

            “You know we will,” Brett said. I just chuckled softly.

            “Wait! Don’t leave yet!” A voicecalled out from the main deck at our backs. We all watched patiently as theProfessor ran toward us. “I need to give you all these.” The doc handed each ofus our very own Pokédex. It was rectangular and red and could fit in my handwell enough that my fingers reached across the entire screen. On the sides ofit were yellow grip strips and a small black antenna poked out from the top inthe form of the top half of a trapezoid. Just beneath the center of the devicewas a black circle with a blue sphere in the middle. Just above it, a small,green, cylindrical glass had been embedded in the device. When I pressed theblue sphere, the device flipped open to reveal two screens. The top screenshowed Espeon, which I guess had been scanned already, and the bottom screenshowed her as well as Umbreon and a bunch of silhouettes in portraits. AboveUmbreon and Espeon’s pictures, in their little squares, were numbers next to aPokéball symbol.

            “These are awesome!” Brett exclaimed.

            “Yea, thanks so much professor,” Sam said.

            “You’re welcome, boys. Now your jobs are to find every Pokémon there is and scan their data into your Pokédex.” The doc instructed.

            “Of course, these things come with a catch,” I said. The others grunted. Even Sam, who was usually happy to receive homework.

            “Take good care of them, they’re brand new. And have fun on your travels, I wish you luck.” Said the professor. With that, the doc bid us farewell. After he left, the blow horn of the cruise ship blared across the port.

            “Group hug?” Sam asked.

            “Nah, I’m cool,” I said.

            “I’m good, too,” Brett agreed. Sam dropped his arms. And his head.

            “Fine, last one,” I sighed.

            “Yippee!” Sam shouted. He jumped with joy. That bum knew I’d give in to his puppy dog eyes. We hugged for the last time and the trio boarded the ship. Brett and I waved one last goodbye from atop the hill near the road out of town.

            “You two ready?” I looked at Umbreon and Espeon. They nodded happily.

            “We’re ready, too.” Brett said with his Cyndaquil resting comfortably on his shoulder.

            “Alright,then. Let’s get this show on the road.” I told them as I walked into the forest. On our way to Violet City.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I implore you
To explore the inner workings of my head
For this is what you’ve been waiting for
For me to wake from my bed
–  Eliasaph Maze Anderson

I am fully aware that I have been slacking on updating my blog and I deeply apologize, however, as a future professional writer I have become much more serious on how I want my writing to sound and look and to be read. Therefore, I take more time to write stories I would usually write in a day for the shits and giggles. So stay tuned for those wonderful treats because I am finishing up last edits on many projects as well as starting many more. However, today is all about poetry. Most of these poems I wrote at the beginning of this year while the last two I wrote in the past week. I wrote these in many different styles, moods, and degrees of “abstractness.” Also they vary in how well they’re written. The first was written to be terrible, so have fun with that. And my poem “Fools” can be read with the title as part of the poem or without, which is why I didn’t put the title in bold. Alrighty, no more disclaimers, have fun reading, friends. Be back soon.


Deliciously Bad Poem: Sanctuary

Coffee & coffee how I love thee
Books & even more books, so many to read
Movies all day satisfy me
And chili cheese dogs are thy feeds.
Groovy smoothies and rad tunes can be had in the kitchen
Gaze at the stars through the spectacular, amazing skylight
Which has been dubbed bitchin’.
I can do whatever my heart desires
I can forget all of my worldly troubles
For I am the key to my own wicked inner sanctum
My Sanctuary



Belonging wraps her arms around them


Sparks twitter around the clouds

Lightning yearning to dance


Broken fragments of red glass occupy sacred ground

Cuts are inflicted, but no scars show


Rogues howl to their goddess for providence

Only to have a shadow’s breath whisper by


Men scurry through the wilderness into the clearing

Wolves waiting


Happy Days

The wheels turn on the rainbow road

My soles keep pushing clockwise

My will refuses to slow down and take a breath.

Cars zip through the Sahara as I follow

With my body seventy percent evaporated.

At long last, a decline appears and my body freezes in the plastic negative

My brain’s natural helmet rests on the bars of the metal ram

The tumbling rumble of the rumbling tum would not cease like

A lie being swished around a building of spies

You have reached your destination, my internal gps

One small step for man, though man has had one too many drinks of low spirits, man leans over towards the grass.

Red waterfall spews from my mouth with white chunks of mystery meat.

Vile as it may be, it smiles as it droops toward the sidewalk. I smile back, sincerely. The first one in months.

Up, once again I vomit

Joyful cries of children

Visions from childhood days of pancakes made by mom and naps in grassy fields

To feel bliss like that again makes this a successful day


To Feel

After months of submitting to the monochrome motions of the escalator of life, I have been able to run up and down the stairs. Laughter that lasts longer than NCIS, a zip tie wraps around the already swirling whirlpool in my stomach, slowly closing the knot upon itself, I might just die, as long as I continue to feel. Darkness begins to consume the periscopes attached to my face, but the care-free bliss that toasts my heart and sets my mind at serenity lets my soul fly alongside the musical notes of high-larity.

A mystical jewel rolls down my face as I remember that the funniest joke in existence…

Is me


Tiny Encyclopedia

I see you wave at me from afar and Technicolor embers burst out of my eyes

That dopey U appears.

As I sit at the table with a sixteen ounce cup of dark brown bean water, working on my new story, I find it trying to not gaze at those brilliant rays of light emphasizing your finely sculpted features. Two spoonfuls of sugar. A smidge of cream.

Burnt cocoa locks cascading down your white mocha shoulders

Rose gloss enticing your victims to lean in for their last meal

Even those bronze plates you use to glare at me when I make a jester’s joke shifts to gold in the right light

You don’t find me funny          but my foolishness amuses you

Talking to you is like speaking to the Mexican Sandy Olsson with more Sriracha

You catch me mesmerized by this elegant painting and tell me

You’re flattered but not interested in an unusually familiar deep tone

Blink and blink but Eugene’s clone is still in view        Pupils roll toward the sky

The mirage is gone

I glance at the tiny fluorescent screen and see you’re still waving



How are we different

You and I?

I call and you come running, you call and I’m already there.

We both walk side by side without a chain to keep us from going too far, no matter what fabric it’s made out of

You could take a trip to Siberia and back if you desired and I wouldn’t mind

As long as you returned to me, I wouldn’t even need a souvenir, I just want you

Near, beside me, on the couch watching TV

I trust you and hope you trust me. I suppose you do because your grey and black fur is the infinite evidence that proves you lie with me at night

To protect me

From pain.

I may have bought you but you are not my slave or pet, you are my friend

In the truest sense of the word

You’re my

Wingman, but you’re getting all the numbers

You rigged the game, you mixed-eyed bandit

Change it back, so I can bask in fame.

Though I paid for you and you’re free to leave

Do you stay out of respect or obligation? Fondness or pity?

Am I your master or are you mine? Is anyone in control?

You bark for me to muzzle it as you stare at the vast and endless array of clouds

You’re fascinated by Mother Nature’s coloring of the floating cotton balls you love to eat so much. The navy blue splashed on top of the orange shmears accompanied by the pink accents.

Even you can’t look away from the visually delicious buffet of the world.

You’re right, there is no difference.


There’s a Difference


Eliasaph Maze Anderson

I want you
Not need you
That’s the difference

If I needed you, I wouldn’t care for you
Carry you
That’s the difference

I wouldn’t feel for you
Feel with you
I’d be bare with you
High with you, not driving by for you
Not being there when you want me to
That’s the difference

If I didn’t want you, my dreams wouldn’t involve you
Our bond wouldn’t be anywhere close to true

That’s the difference


Pay No Mind


Eliasaph Maze Anderson

How can I advert my eyes when you look at me like I am the only one at the bar?
A spotlight emphasizes my importance to you as if you are the only one to take the time to relight my spot on the chandelier.
I sit and stay and stare at the door after you leave me to myself,
Though my tail only flutters for the one I adore.
Clocks will tick, phones won’t ring,
Imagining angels appear in the audience as you sing.
My head drops down to the floor the same way a student sits their head upon their desk

My mind delves into what it deems best.

You pay me no mind like a free month subscription to Spotify premium
Chilling with friends and they ask you, what do you see in him?
You tell them, you don’t know
If you knew then you would care enough not to disrupt the flow
The flow of electricity you and I get to see and lose ourselves to while our souls travel across dimensions to a sanctuary
No one knows
Where I can be alone, but not with you
You may like the view, but nothing else
And it may not be what you’re thinking, but you’re also not speaking
‘Cause you pay me no mind
And it’s been a long time since we’ve spoken, yet you’re unable to tell me real quick that you’re feeling broken,
So go away
Or that you’ve been spending time with friends drinkin’
Can’t talk today

I want you to be blunt
Let me know it’s gonna be a few months
So I should sit back and keep smoking my blunts
Have my friends sit me in a corner and place on my head a hat that reads dunce
More than once
Spend the time thinking of how hard I fell for your magic like a romantic for Shakespeare’s tragics
I was warned not to let the idea of you into my bed, is what they said
And if I looked around and listened
I could hear other sweet sounds that make my eyes glisten
And like a clown, I smile
Send you a text and star gaze at the Nile
Check my phone and find my message idle

I could be in a tomb, solving a mystery with Scooby-Doo, unlike the rest of the gang, I’d continue to think, where are you?

Because I refuse to see the clue
Right in front me
I’m unable to set my mind right
But I have to see
‘Cause in hindsight
The thought of you makes my heart bite
Yearning to be held tight
And I get other calls
But I wait for yours
Because I’m patient
And hesitant to close doors
Especially, one so fantastic
It’s authentic, not plastic, I know for sure

Though your impending goodbye scares me
My world is not asunder
Like an Egyptian cat, I’ll shake it off and continue to be legendary
But you pay me no mind and that drifts me to wonder



Where Were We?

Groovy smoothies, gang. It’s finally time for me to get back into the swing of things. I know I haven’t posted much lately, but for good reason. I couldn’t. For the past few months, I couldn’t feel to post anything, if that makes sense. I did write, but all the stuff I wrote, I didn’t like and therefore, had no place out into the world. However, my trip back East taught me plenty of things and being back home added on to that epilogue-teaching-chapter of my life. Now with the start of a new chapter of my life, I have realized that I have a ton of work to do and need to get serious about my life and my life’s work. Well, just a scoch. I’m not a particularly serious person. So, on the road to success, I’ve got plenty of projects that need my attention and many stories to share on this blog. Thank you all who are still reading and giving my writing a chance. Have fun reading part 2 of my Pokemon adventure.

 Pokemon Generation Neo

Episode 1 part 2:

The Escape

Watching from the sidelines as Umbreon and Espeon were about to be tortured made me sick to my stomach. I was powerless. If only I had a Pokémon partner of my own to help them. “Start the procedure, Doctor Sargon!” A man from the balcony above called out. He wore a white suit with a black dress shirt and belt. His hair was spiky and blue and he had the most malevolent grin I have ever seen. Beside him was the girl I saw earlier. The one with the long, black hair. She stood out from everyone else because she was the only one wearing street clothes instead of a uniform. A woman wearing skinny jeans, sandals, and a red and white striped tank top didn’t scream out “Team Rocket” to me. Well, maybe the tank top did, now that I think about it.

The doctor seemed all too happy to turn on the machine. The platform grew yellow and electricity flew from the surface. I’m not an engineer, but I’m pretty sure a machine that spewed electricity wasn’t safe for anyone. The goon carrying my new friends threw them onto the frightening platform one after the other. At first, they tried to run off the stage, but the electric field around them kept them from moving, forcing them to fall to the floor. My heart started to race and my mind flooded with thoughts. I didn’t know what to do. How to save them. My head fell in defeat. “Human. Please…help us,” uttered Espeon. She was still fighting. Struggling to stand up. I felt her determination and my mind flashbacked to the moment I saw her eyes for the first time. Those white pupils and deep purple eyes showed her will. Her strong will to be free. Closing my eyes, I cleared my head of everything except for one thought. Saving Pokémon.

Surveying the room, I came up with a few strategies. My first plan was to get to the controls and shutdown the machine. There were less people on that side of the room, so there wouldn’t be much interference. Before I put my plans into motion, I took pictures of the moment with my Pokégear. “Hey! What are you doing over there?!” I looked back at one of the security guards talking into his earpiece. Probably alerting his pals.

“Snapcakes,” I sighed. Nothing was going my way. I had to act before it was too late. The guard was headed towards me, yelling out “intruder.” Will he shut up? He’s blowing my cover, I thought. I saw as many of the people in the experiment room were looking my way, some started running towards me as well. “Well, screw it. Here I go,” I said as I dashed into the room. Headed straight for the control panel.

“Capture that intruder!” screamed the doctor at the controls. The mad scientist’s glasses shook as he moved and his long, brown hair, which was tied up, whipped around the air. He knew exactly what I was trying to do. He stared me right in the eyes as his face darkened, glasses glared and his smirk turned into a sinister smile. That pissed me off so much I wanted to punch that guy right in his stupid face. Unfortunately, I had to take a raincheck on that because the doc and the control panel were guarded by over a dozen Team Rocket stooges. And I was more than halfway there. I had to switch to plan B. I pivoted to the left side of the room, going after the crystal on the front of the huge platform. Which also wasn’t possible because there were numerous Rattata, Arbok, and Zubat blocking my path along the platform to the other side of the room.

“Fine, then. Plan C it is,” I muttered to myself. As I slowed down, it felt like the entire world slowed down even more. Like I entered a plane of existence where everything was in slow motion. My adrenaline kept pumping and I could hear my heart beating through invisible headphones. Left, right, all paths were taken up except for one. I tripped as I veered left toward the stage. I knew what was coming. The field of electrical sparks bouncing across the stage. Too late to turn back.

It only took one foot after leaping onto the stage to make me strongly regret my decision. Before my foot even connected to the physical surface of the platform, a few million volts of electricity ran up my leg and spread throughout my body. The shock paralyzed me for a second and I slowly began to fall backwards until I realized that the pain I was feeling was miniscule compared to the pain Umbreon and Espeon was feeling at the center. Compared to what their entire family had to endure for who knew how long.

Forcing my body to move forward, I could feel the jolts burn my skin. The rhythm of my heart picked up tempo and I continued to run across the platform. I wanted to scream in agony, but kept my mouth sealed. If I screamed, I would have been giving in to the pain and showed Espeon that I was too weak to keep my promise to her. However, I couldn’t keep running. I was starting to collapse. I looked at my friends and saw Umbreon glare at me. I couldn’t talk to him like I could with Espeon, but when our eyes locked, I felt like there were no need for words. Everything that needed to be said was obvious. Umbreon looked up at the ceiling and back towards me. I knew I didn’t have enough energy to escape, so I gave my body one more push towards the black fox.

While Umbreon struggled to pick himself up, I scooped him into my right arm and quickly twirled to my left and thrust him into the air. My body collapsed onto the stage, letting the electricity eat away at me. Exhausted, the tempo of my heart slowed and my eyesight blurred. The last thing image I witnessed was Umbreon pounding the stage with a glowing tail and broken bits of the platform flying into the air.

When I opened my eyes a moment later, everyone was in a panic. The platform I was on was shattered and on fire. The personnel were putting out the fire on the control panel while others were clearing out the rubble from the damaged wall next to the stage. They tried to salvage what was left of the damaged computers and other machinery. I stood up, Espeon beside me. “You alright?” She nodded. Suddenly, Umbreon came out of the smoke cloud in front of us with the crystal from the pedestal peeping from his mouth. However, it was different. The crystal glowed from red and purple to black and yellow. He placed the crystal in my hand. It felt…warm and pleasant. I could tell that it had a ton of power inside of it. As I stared at it, my mind went blank and all I wanted to do was look at the shifting colors.

“Snap out of it, human.” Espeon nudged my leg, breaking my concentration. “We need to leave right now.” I noticed her eyes weren’t blue as she spoke.

“Pull yourself together, idiot, before we get caught again.” That was a new voice. A male voice. Umbreon’s voice. Why was I able to hear him? His eyes didn’t change color either. I nodded to them. As we reached the entrance to the hallway, the woman with the black hair walked into our path. A Buneary creeped from behind her leg. Now that we were on the same ground, I realized how short she was. Her height almost made her serious look laughable. Almost.

“That crystal belongs to Team Rocket,” said the woman. I looked at the jewel in my hand and back at her.

“Yea, I don’t think so. Finders keepers and all that.” I was not letting them have that crystal no matter what.

“Foolish boy. So be it.” She spoke with such nonchalance.


“Buneary, use high jump kick,” the girl said, barely audible. The little brown bunny vanished from the area. Espeon and I looked around and couldn’t find it.

“From above!” Umbreon warned us. From wherever he was hiding. We looked up and caught the tiny hairball falling toward us with one leg extended. I had my hands on my knees to keep me standing and my eyes swirled. I knew I had to move, but my body wouldn’t act. Buneary’s attack would have landed on my face if Espeon hadn’t leaped in front of me to counter the move with her iron tail.

Unfortunately, she was also too weak to give it her all and the force of the kick was too much for her to handle. She was knocked back and flew towards me. I caught her in my arms and we both flew to the ground. Espeon was unconscious. Her eyes looked like poorly drawn spirals. My eyes felt as heavy as bricks. I failed. My body was battered and bruised and my head felt like it was being pounded by a Donphan.

The girl walked so close to my face that all I could make out were her legs. She knelt down and shook her head. “That was the most pathetic battle I have ever seen,” she complained, “not even worth being called a battle.” She plucked the stone from my hand and stood back up. “Take these losers to the cells,” she ordered a few grunts as she walked away. I wanted to reach out to stop her from leaving or call out to her, but my body wouldn’t let me. The exhaustion washed over me and I drifted into darkness.

“Maze…Maze, wake up. Maze!”

            “Espeon?” I said as my eyes slowly opened to a space surrounded by metal bars. I felt the cold and rough surface of a wall on my back. My body still ached like I spent a few hours lifting and then had the dumbest idea to go on a hike. My clothes were torn and singed. Espeon laid beside me with concern on her face. Her fur was sullied with grime and burn marks. She turned her head to a figure standing on the other side of the bars.

“The idiot’s finally awake,” said the short woman with a serious attitude problem. Really, what was her deal?

“I wouldn’t say ‘idiot,’ more like ‘concerned citizen’,” I replied.

“You’re a complete dumbass. Thinking that you can just walk in here and stop a Team Rocket operation by yourself? You don’t even have any Pokémon. You’re not even a trainer. You’re more than just a dumbass. You’re pathetic and weak, too.” The woman scoffed at me like I was a waste of her time. My head fell down in shame. Ouch. That was harsh, but she wasn’t wrong. I was a dumbass. Always have been, my friends can verify that. As for being pathetic and weak. Couldn’t deny it. I’m not particularly good at anything and not as smart as most of my friends, but I am capable, so I’m not all that pathetic.

“Wow, you profiled me pretty well,” I laughed. Staring her right in the eyes I told her, “Sure, I may be weak and pathetic…and an idiot and I won’t officially be a trainer until tomorrow, however, I make up for those things by learning, obtaining new skills, and making friends I can rely on wherever I go. Isn’t that right, Espeon?” I winked at my battered friend. I knew Umbreon was around here somewhere just waiting for his moment to free us. Actually, I didn’t. I had no idea where that asshat went, but I knew he’d have to come back for us at some point.

“Pokémon as friends?” She gave a soft chuckle. “Don’t make me laugh.” I think I just did, I thought. “Pokémon are nothing but tools. A means to an end to resolve human conflict. They’re nothing but slaves to humankind and just like how humans don’t give a damn about Pokémon, they don’t give a damn about us.” She folded her arms and gave an unyielding stare just waiting for me to challenge her beliefs.

“How could you say that? Aren’t you a trainer? Do you not care about your own Pokémon? It’s because of them that this world is a more peaceful place and that more people are free of pain and suffering.” I was distraught. I couldn’t wrap my head around how she could say such things. Her Buneary peeked from behind her leg. Its face full of disappointment. The little furball confirmed its trainer’s feelings on Pokémon relations. And by the way that lady had talked to and treated her Pokémon, their relationship was purely master and subordinate, nothing more.

“What do you know of pain?” Her eyebrows furrowed, her mouth clenched, and her fiery eyes stared me down. “You don’t even know what real life is like! How cruel and heartless it can be! You’ve been protected in this quiet and cushy town all your life and never had to face the terrors outside your little bubble. I know pain. I’ve lived with it my whole life! Pain and suffering is all there is in this world and it will continue to prosper whether Pokémon exist or not!” And with that said, she walked away.

“Wait.” I said softly with a bit of anger in my voice. “Who are you?”

She stopped and said, “like that’s any of your business,” and walked out the room. Buneary remained in front of the cage, staring at me. I smiled at it so it wouldn’t worry. “Buneary, let’s go!” The trainer shouted from the hallway. The scruffy rabbit jumped up out of sight. It dropped a card on the floor in front of the cell as it ran off. I had the look of someone who heard a joke they didn’t understand. Espeon had the same look. We couldn’t explain why, but our captor just gave us the I.D. card we needed to escape. Surprisingly, the card had the angry trainer’s photo on it. Apparently, her name was Breanna Gushiken and was twenty-two years old. We shrugged it off. Espeon used Psychic to surround the card in a blue energy and lift it off the ground. It floated to the card slot on the cage door and inserted itself, unlocking the door. Using the card, I unlocked all the other cells, freeing the entire Eevee family. They all kept their distance from me, except for Espeon. She tried to reassure them that I could be trusted, but she only calmed them down slightly. They weren’t as tense around me, but they still watched me with fear as they followed me through the facility. We snuck through each corridor to try and reach the upper floor. Suddenly, I felt a presence coming from around the corner.

“Do you feel that, Maze?” It was like Espeon and I were on the same wavelength.

“Yea, I do.” I stopped for a moment. “Wait. How do you know my name? I never told you what it was.” She just smiled at me. Her eyes turned blue.

“I do not know, however, it is nice to refer to you as something other than, ‘human’.”

“This day keeps getting weirder and weirder. Even for me.” The figure that made my vibes act up got closer. I felt like my lungs were building up pressure. As Umbreon approached us, I let out a huge sigh. “Finally. Where have you been?” He completely dismissed me and spoke to Espeon instead. “You irk me,” I told him. He looked up at me and nodded his head down the hall he just came through. He led all of us to a bright, white room full of crystals on their respective pedestals. They all had the same oval shape, but each one held a different color. Some, were fiery red, others were leaf green, or ice blue. Some were just broken into pieces with no life in them at all. These had to be the results of the experiments, but what they were for, I had no idea.

“Maze, look!” called Espeon. She had found the purple and black crystal from earlier inside a glass case. Even through the glass I could feel a connection to it. Unlike the other crystals, that one glowed more prominently and it drew me towards it. Umbreon and Espeon also felt the call as we stared into the glass.

“Hey! You shouldn’t be in here!” One of the flunkies found us. He spooked the Pokémon so much that Leafeon grew sharp leaves from its body and flung them in a barrage at the guard, sending him flying out of the room. Another flunky peeked into the room.

“Code red! The prisoner and the test subjects have escaped. I repeat, the- Aaaghhh!” His message was interrupted as Glaceon hurled chunks of ice at him. Both of the terrorists were knocked unconscious in the hall.

“We gotta go now!” I shouted. Red lights flashed everywhere and a loud alarm siren came on. If we didn’t leave right then we were goners. Crack! I turned to find that Umbreon had broken open the case the glowing crystal was in. “Seriously!?” He shrugged at me is if to say, “What? I wanted it.” I just shook my head. “Whatever, let’s just go.” It took longer than expected to get to the ground floor because of all the Team Rocket goons that tried to get in our way. They didn’t consider the fact that Espeon’s siblings would attack them without hesitation. Shadow balls, pink gusts of wind, streams of fire and water, and many more attacks made the narrow hallways into dangerous battlegrounds. On the upper floor, many of the scientists were already evacuating with as much paper work, computer hard drives, and lab experiment tools that they could carry. A row of guards with their Zubats and Rattata were waiting in the huge lobby. The room was still full of rubble and had a huge hole in the wall. We turned to face the front entrance, but more men and women and their Pokémon ran up to block our escape. Umbreon handed me the crystal, knowing we’d have to fight our way out. He crouched lower to the ground, ready to pounce. As soon as I touched the jewel, I felt my whole body vibrate. It was like I drank five energy drinks. My body was rejuvenated and on high alert. Umbreon, Espeon and I faced the opponents in the lobby while their siblings prepared to take on the blockade behind us.

“I’m ready when you are, Maze,” Espeon said.

“I will fight with you,” Umbreon growled. As I repositioned my beanie and rolled up my jacket sleeves, I announced calmly and with confidence,

“Alright, gang. Let’s give them hell.”

“Espeon dodge and use psychic! Umbreon stand your ground, then use payback!” Espeon sidestepped from a barrage of yellow orbs and hit Zubat with a mental blast, dropping it to the ground. confuse ray? Seriously? I hate that move. Not far away, Umbreon took the brunt of a Rattata’s tackle. As he stood their absorbing the hit, a purple aura surrounded his body. He dashed straight for the Rattata and hit it right on its side. The purple rat laid unconscious a few feet from where it was hit.

“Return!” The goons said simultaneously. The Pokémon were absorbed by red beams and went back into their Pokéballs.

“You’ll pay for this, punk!” Proclaimed one of the terrorists.

“You’re going down next time!” Chimed in one of the others as they all ran away. Finally, the path to both exits were clear. We caused such a mess that the entire facility was falling down around us. Flames were engulfing everything from the ground to the crumbling ceiling and explosions were consistent. It looked too dangerous to escape through the lobby with even more risk to get caught in the blaze and stopped by even more people, so we ran towards the entrance.

“Use shadow ball!” I heard a woman’s voice shout from behind. The already fragile ceiling crumbled down in front of the doors to the outside. Umbreon, Espeon, and I stopped before the debris crushed us while the other Pokémon were lucky enough to get out just in time. I turned toward our pursuer. She was a bit shaken up. Clothes were a little singed and had a few cuts on her arms and legs, but she was well enough to want to fight some more.

“This woman sure is persistent,” Umbreon said.

            “I like her admiration, but she is really starting to annoy me,” Espeon said with a sigh. Their voices were in my head, but neither of them were using the move, psychic. I looked at the crystal in my jacket pocket. It was glowing brighter than before. As if I turned it “on” somehow.

I think she just really hates me, I thought. That time the two could hear me.

“I doubt that’s the only reason,” Espeon reassured.

“I believe it.” Said Umbreon.

“I hate you so much, kid.” Bre heaved as she stopped at the end of the hall.

            What I say?

“You have got to be kidding me.” Espeon looked at me.

“You have thwarted Team Rocket’s plans plenty for one lifetime! Because of you, our research is set back by months! Now, I’ll be taking back that stone and neither you nor your little friends will leave this place alive!” That chick was angry for sure, but she still showed little expression in her face. As if it was normal for her.

“Let’s take her out,” Umbreon said.

“Nope. Espeon and I got this. Isn’t that right?” I looked down at her with a smile on my face. She smiled back.

“This time, we’re gonna win.” Umbreon saw the fire in our eyes and sat patiently beside me.

“You actually think you two can beat me? You’re both so weak. You had no chance against me before, do you actually think you’ll defeat me now? You’re not even a trainer.” Bre spoke with confidence. She overestimated me and Espeon and that’s what we were gonna exploit in order to win. I knew Espeon knew exactly what I was thinking and was on board with my plan. “Fine then. Buneary, destroy them. Use high jump kick.” Buneary was a blur the next instant. I laughed.

“You think we’d be defeated so easily by the same trick as before?! Give us some credit! Espeon, iron tail!” Espeon nodded and jumped into the air. Her tail turned from purple fur to a shiny metallic skin. She swung her tail and made contact with the sole of Buneary’s foot. The impact caused the air around them to waver, causing the flames to flutter. For a second, it looked like Espeon was being pushed back by Buneary, but she put more force into her tail and pushed her opponent back to the other side of the hallway. Bre furrowed her brow, displeased.

“Go! Use quick attack!” she ordered. Her partner moved so fast that it was hard to keep track as it bounced side to side, moving closer.

“Let’s move, Espeon.” She immediately sprang toward the yellow and brown ball of fluff. She was even faster than I imagined. She moved so fast, she left split second after images behind. Buneary stopped in fear when Espeon appeared right in front of it. The bunny was head-butted right in the gut and was sent flying towards her baffled master.

“Get up, you weakling! Get up and fight, right now!” Her injured and tired Buneary struggled to its feet. “How is this possible? A novice like you?”

“Who told you I was a novice? I know I didn’t,” I laughed. “My parents have been teaching me how to battle since I was a kid. I train with their Pokémon all the time. That and the fact that Espeon is just a kick ass partner.” Espeon glanced back at me with a smile. Bre’s face did not look as cheerful. Her eyes burst into flames themselves. “You may have beaten us last time, but we’re fighting at full strength this time around. And you underestimating us doesn’t help you either.” I protected the back of my head as an explosion went off right behind me. I didn’t realize it until then, but the pathway behind Bre was almost completely engulfed in flames and blocked by debris. “Look! We don’t have any more time to waste! All of us are going to die here!” The girl lowered her head.

“It doesn’t matter, Team Rocket will never be defeated. My life is of no consequence. At least I’ll be free of the pain once and for all.” I couldn’t believe what she was blabbing on about. As if she’s been waiting to die all this time. Well, I wasn’t ready to die and I wasn’t going to let her die either.

“Screw you!” She looked up at me. “You’re not dying here and neither are the rest of us! Not before I live out my dreams, dammit!” I was motivated. Nothing was going to stand in my way now. “And what about this!?” I asked as I held up the stone. You’re just gonna give up on it?! Just like that?!” Another explosion went off right behind Bre.

“Of course not. The organization will take that from your corpse later.” Snapcakes, that’s just messed up, I thought.

“Really now? Well, they can’t do that if there is no stone to get, can they?” I dropped the stone on the ground and smashed it with my foot. That dumbfounded look on the woman’s face gave me pleasure, however, it didn’t last long for I became dumbfounded myself. The power within the stone burst out and spread through the air like an aurora borealis that shifted in colors matching Umbreon and Espeon. We stood in awe. After a moment, the enigmatic energy found new homes by forcing itself inside of Umbreon, Espeon, and myself. The force of the event made us kneel on the ground. I was groggy for a moment, but started to regain my awareness. I couldn’t feel Umbreon or Espeon’s presence in my head anymore, nor could I hear their voices. My body felt heavier and sorer than a moment ago.

“You idiot! Without the power from the stone you’ll never win! And now the organization has nothing to further its research!” Glasses regained her vivacity. “I’m fed up with your stupidity. I’ll end you here and now! Buneary, finish this with shadow ball!” Buneary was hesitant. It looked deeply upset. “Now!” Buneary focused and made a sphere of black energy. It let the ball fly once it locked on to me. Not two seconds later an explosion erupted right beside the pair and was about to swallow them both. Espeon jumped into the path of the black orb. I didn’t want her to get hurt anymore, I couldn’t let her. I also had to save Bre and her Buneary. The rage of everyone dying at that moment and failing to keep my promise to save Umbreon and Espeon built up inside of me. I was not going to fail!

“Espeon! Use icy wind!” Without hesitation, she spewed a gust of chilled air from her mouth. It was so powerful that the move knocked the shadow ball backwards and exploded in front of the already oncoming explosion. The shadow ball combined with the might of the chilly wind contained the blast in a smaller radius. The duo got knocked unconscious by the aftershock. Unfortunately, the cold air didn’t reach past the hallway. The flames were too close for comfort and gave off a boiling heat that made my body start to melt and caused my blurry vision to increase as I walked towards the hole in the wall. Espeon did her best to move any troublesome rubble in our path, so that I wouldn’t trip and drop Bre. She was asleep in my arms with my jacket covering her to keep her from being burnt or suffocate from the smoke. Umbreon trudged behind me with Buneary lying on his back. Each step was harder to make as my energy dropped. When we get out of here, I am gonna drink so much water. And eat. I am starving. Bre shifted in my arms, removing my jacket from her face. As her eyes slowly opened, she asked me,


“You’re gonna have to be specific,” I told her. I knew exactly what she meant. She struggled to speak due to her exhaustion.

“Why…are you saving…me? You have…no reason to.”

“I have no reason to let you die either.” I looked at her and gave the best smile I could. “And you were in my way when I tried to get out, so it was easier to just bring you along.”

“I…hate you.” She said weakly. Oh, so that she can say, but not a simple “thank you” or something?

            As we finally stepped through the hole to the outside world I told her, “You know, you don’t have to die to get rid of the pain. You should live and figure out how to eradicate the suffering in your life. Buneary has been trying to help you for a while. How about letting her?” When I looked down, Bre’s eyes were closed. After setting the pair in the grass far from the destroyed facility, Umbreon, Espeon and I headed towards New Bark Town guided by the light of the beautiful full moon. I’m not sure, if Bre heard me or not, though, it didn’t matter. I knew she’d figure it out sooner or later. At least, that’s what I hoped. What made her so heartless and reserved in the first place? Who knew?

“What was that all about?” Espeon asked. She wore a face of concern.

“It’s nothing,” I told her. “Just some crap I learned years ago.” We sat on a hill closer to town with a view of the burning Team Rocket hideout. The police had shown up with a bunch of firefighters and emergency medical personnel. As the firefighters and their water Pokémon tried to tame the fire, some policemen shuffled cuffed Team Rocket members into armed trucks. I heard shuffling grass from behind me. I watched as brown, pointy ears popped up from the grass. Eevee and its siblings had found us at last. Umbreon and Espeon basked in joy with their family. They jumped up and down, ran around, and petted each other’s faces. I smiled as I sat a few feet away. While they were having fun, I decided to slip away into the night. I walked all the way down the hill and was on my way to town when Espeon roared from behind me. Albeit, a weak roar, but a roar nonetheless. She ran up to me with everyone else close behind.

“Why are you leaving? I still haven’t thanked you for all that you have done for us.” Her glowing, blue eyes almost hid a looming tear. I knelt down.

“There’s no need to say anything. I was just passing through, that’s all. And you and your family are free now. You can head back home, you don’t need me anymore.” I wiped the tear from her scruffy, smoke covered face. She nestled her face against my palm.

“I don’t want to leave. Not yet. You’re the first human in so long that I have learned to trust and respect and I want to stay with you for a while.” My eyes widened. Umbreon sat beside his sister and nodded towards me as if to say, “me too.”

“You both want to travel with me?” They nodded. “But why?”

Because you said you wanted to live out your dreams, correct? Well, you helped us live out ours, so we’ll help you with yours.” Espeon smirked. With a huge smile, I hugged them both.

“I’d like nothing more than two have you around.” I looked at Umbreon and scoffed. “He can come too, I guess.” He just scoffed back. “What about all of you?” I asked the Eevee clan.

“They’re going back home, but they wanted to give you a gift to say thanks, first.” Espeon said. Eevee held a rectangular box in its mouth. I accepted it and opened the mystery box. I laughed when I saw the two colorful stones inside with a note that said, “To Professor Elm.” All of this for this stupid box. I will never do another favor for the doc, ever again.

The three of us said our goodbyes and trekked home as soon as Umbreon and Espeon’s family ran off into the woods. Returning to the place they call home.

Explaining what happened to my parents was difficult and not fun in the slightest. I kept out some things like the encounters with Bre and the fact that I almost died that night. Needless to say they were furious and worried and all those annoying parental feelings that kids just never want to deal with. They did take a liking to my new partners, which was great. They also gifted me with a new Pokégear to replace the one I lost in the fire. By two in the morning, the events of the last several hours had dissipated and life was back to normal. Umbreon, Espeon, and I were all cleaned up, fed, and were enjoying the peaceful sounds of the night out on the lawn. “Well, you two, it’s time we officially became partners,” I told them while holding two red and white Pokéballs in my hands. Looks of approval filled their grinning faces. They nudged the balls with their heads, letting themselves be absorbed inside them. I waited patiently as the balls shook in my hands. Shake one. The red light of the button turned on. Shake two. I was even closer to catching not one, but two Pokémon. Time seemed to slow down tremendously. Those few seconds seemed to have lasted a lifetime. Shake three. The red light turned off, the ball made a clicking sound, and it remained still. Uhh, did it work? I think it worked. Kinda anti-climactic, though. I was expecting tiny fireworks to pop out or some tiny virtual stars would come out. “I choose you,” I said and Umbreon and Espeon landed safely onto the ground in front of me.

“From this point on, we will protect each other, and always be with one another no matter what. Agreed?” Espeon vowed.

“You betcha,” I replied. Umbreon shrugged. As we gazed up at the moon, my face unconsciously smirked as I thought of all the amazing adventures we’d have in the near future.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary!

Yo, readers. I’m returning to blogging in a spectacular way with an amazingly crazy story. A Pokemon fan fiction. And before you lose interest because you think Pokemon is for kids and dumb and whatever, I suggest giving my spin on one of my childhood favorite games. I am not only writing this fanfic to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, but to also share what I have learned from my life in a world unfamiliar, meanwhile, similar to ours. For those who don’t know me, I am a realist. Therefore, this story, all though meant to be light and kid friendly is going to be written in a more young adult type of way. So, its’ more like rated pg-13 than pg. And to clarify, I am writing this more for myself than others because I love Pokemon. And because of that, I am throwing out all the rules to whatever writers follow and putting not just myself in the story, but everyone I know as well. Where and when a person from my life will appear in the story and how they will affect it will be more or less random. There’s not really a set plan with this one, I’m mostly making things up as I go along. That also means the writing style may change a teensy  bit throughout the work because I have 2 editors helping me create a more riveting narrative. My first editor is one of my best friends, Breanna Gushiken, while my second editor is my eldest sister, Elisha Frazer. So far, I’ve completed the 1st episode, which is 27 pages long, so I am gonna split the episode into small parts for easy and quick reading. Ok, I’m done rambling. Have fun reading.


Pokémon Generation Neo:

Episode I

The Adventure Begins

Part 1

            I ran up the hill to Professor Elm’s lab as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe my parents let me sleep in late! They knew how long I’ve been waiting for this day. This very dehydrating day. I slowed down as I stared up at the nearly cloudless sky. The summer sun was baking my body. Sweat rolled out of my beanie. I saw the guys in front of the lab as I arrived at the hilltop. My friends were sitting in the grass with a Cyndaquil I had never seen before.

Damn, I think I’m too late. I ran to them and put my hands on my knees. “Did…I make it?” I could barely breathe.

“No, bro. You’re thirty minutes late. There are no more starters for you to get,” Brett said as he gave Cyndaquil a pat on the head. The others just shook their heads in disapproval.

“Nice, Maze. You had one job,” Andrew laughed.

“Yea, Maze, we called like four times,” Sam chimed in. Jose just sat there and laughed. My friends suck sometimes. I sat down beside Brett.

“I overslept. I went to bed late last night and, and, well this happened.” I was mad at myself, but at the same time, I just didn’t care. I always ended up messing things up for myself that I became used to it. Even now, I continually screw things up. “Sorry, Brett, I guess we’ll be leaving town tomorrow instead.” We’ve planned this for over a year. Brett would finally graduate high school and we’d travel the world as Pokémon trainers. I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t you get your starter when you turned ten? Well, it’s because the laws were changed years ago.

You see, the generation before my friends and I was called the “hero” generation because they solved so much of the turmoil that started occurring in the world. The numerous world threatening events caused the governments of every region to change the trainer age from ten years old, to fourteen. However, many parents saw the raise in age to force their children to finish high school before being trainers, just like my parents. I know, my life sucks, but not after today.

“How about you spend the night at my house, Maze, so we make sure you wake up on time.” Jose was almost always helpful. It was a good idea though.

“Yea, then we can play games and watch movies all night.” Sam didn’t understand the point of us hanging out tonight.

“No, you idiot, we don’t want Maze to stay up all night because then he’ll be late again.” Andrew understood, but he didn’t need to be so harsh. I just laid down in the grass and watched the clouds go by. I was in no mood to argue with them today. After a few minutes, I saw the professor looking down at me. I swear that guy’s wardrobe is filled with the same outfit. A green dress shirt, brown khakis and loafers, and his lab coat. The five of us turned our attention to him.

“Hey, doc. What’s up?” I said. He pushed up his glasses.

“Hey, guys. Maze, I was sad to see you didn’t show up today. Are you alright?”

“Yea, I just overslept, everything’s groovy,” I reassured.

“Oh ok, then I’ll be glad to see you tomorrow to get your Pokémon, right?” I nodded. “I’ll be here as early as eight in the morning, so you’re welcome to stop by then.”

“Will do.”

“Very good. Now, to the business at hand. I wanted to ask you all a favor.” We all gave him questioning glances. Cyndaquil was also paying attention.

“Okay…” Brett said. It wasn’t very often the professor would ask us a favor.

“Sure, professor, whatever you need,” Sam said. If any of us wanted to back out before, it was too late now. Thanks, Sam.

“Great. You see, I lost a small black case in the woods this morning and don’t have time to look for it until tomorrow because I have a ton of research to do today. I’d be grateful if you could search for it.” The professor gave us a smile. The five of us shared shrugs and nods.

“Yea, we’ll look for it for you. Which part of the woods did you lose it?” Brett asked.

“I lost it somewhere near the path that leads to Tohjo Falls. Thank you guys so much for your help. Just let me know if you find it or not,” Professor Elm said as he walked back into his lab.

“I know what I’m not doing today,” Andrew pronounced. We just glared at him. That behavior was expected from Andrew. He was always too lazy to do anything helpful, but in the end, he helped anyway. “I’m joking, I’m going, don’t worry.” And good thing he was helping because I sure couldn’t.

“Well, have fun with that, I’ll catch up with you guys later and help,” I said as I got up.

“Where are you going?” Brett asked. Cyndaquil was eating an Oran berry from his hand.

“I’ve got work at the café until six. I’ll search after, though, I promise.”

“You better, we’re not searching on our own!” Brett yelled as I walked down the hill. There’s four of them and a Cyndaquil, so I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘on their own,’ but whatever. I just waved and went off to work.

Later that night, I went off into the woods. I was pretty tired, but I said I would look for that mysterious case, so I had no choice. I called Jose right after work and he told me him and the others were taking a break from searching, so I went searching on my own.

It didn’t take me long to reach the area that the professor told us about, however, I could not find that case for the life of me. The area near Tohjo Falls was big. The trees grew so high that for many of them, it wasn’t possible to see the top. And this wasn’t one of those bright green, nicely cut grass type of woods, it’s one of those woods with the semi-tall grass and leaves of shades of brown and dark green covering the ground. I spent an hour and a half looking and decided to take a break. I just decided to go exploring and hang out with the Pokémon in the area. Pidgeys and Spearow flew over me while Caterpie and Rattata scurried through the grass and climbed up the trees. As I walked randomly through the forest I had come across the weirdest phenomena ever. Not really, but it was weird. A guy in a black uniform with a giant red ‘R’ on his chest was walking several feet in front of me until he just disappeared. It was like he walked through space time because the entire space he walked passed rippled like a pebble in water.

I was shocked for sure, but I was more intrigued than anything else. Have you ever had that moment when you are surprised by something and should be scared and question everything, but instead you are like, ‘cool! How’d that happen?’ That’s exactly how I felt. I ran up to the spot where that guy disappeared and investigated the area. Nothing seemed wrong. The grass was grass, the trees were trees, and the leaves were definitely leaves. I stretched my arm out in front of me and part of it went through the ripple in space. Like when Alice and Eevee went through the looking glass only this was even trippier. My success in finding this anomaly made me smile. I walked into the ripple and was surprised to find on the other side…the same stupid forest. Like no space station or different part of the world, no, I was still in the same place. Except now, there was a two story red and white building that wasn’t there before. I looked to the sky to find a huge grid-like field surrounding the area above the building that spread to the ground. It must have been what I stepped through to find this place. And what was being used to keep this place a secret. No wonder no one had ever seen this random building in the middle of the stupid woods before.

I spotted the guy I saw moments before go inside the building. I tried to follow him in, but I needed to scan an I.D. badge at the door. Like I was gonna get one of those. Instead, I snuck around, looking for another way inside. I looked through the windows to see what was going on inside and found even more people wearing black uniforms. I couldn’t place where I saw that ‘R’ logo before, but right at that moment, I remembered. It was the Team Rocket logo. A bunch of them were running around with vials of colorful fluids, huge cables, and stacks of papers. Some of them even had lab coats on. The inside was well kept too. It had the same messy but organized layout as a hospital. Sparkling floors, sterilized walls, and random computers and tech at one side of the room. I didn’t know what the heck these weirdos were up to, but I knew I had to find out.

As I lurked around to the back of the building, I caught a glimpse of a girl with long, black hair enter the hideout. I caught the door before it closed and held it ajar just a tiny bit so that it looked closed from far away. I walked right in after seeing no one in the hall. I was really proud of myself for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t be happy about successfully sneaking into some place you obviously shouldn’t be entering. I didn’t need a bunch of signs reading ‘Danger’ and ‘Do not enter’ to know that I was doing something extremely stupid and dangerous, but, you know, yolo. Anyway, that hallway had nothing in it, except for one entryway to the basement level. Like I was going to do something as dumb as go down into the creepy basement. I just decided to observe the rest of the place and get evidence to show the police later.

I knelt down as I snuck a peak into the main lobby. It wasn’t really a lobby as it was just a huge area with tons of computers and crap, but let’s just call it a lobby. So, this lobby was the same room that I saw through the window earlier. What I didn’t see earlier was this big red and white platform in the middle of the room with the random pedestal on one side of it. Above the platform was this metal frame-worked indoor balcony that made up the second level. Several Team Rocket goons were setting up video cameras that were looking down at the stage. Apparently, they were getting ready for some kind of show or experiment or something.

“Help us…”

            The feeling of anxiety washed over me after I heard the disembodied voice. It was like it came from my own head, but I know I wasn’t thinking it. Deciding to just brush that incident as nonsense, I took a few snapshots of the lobby with my Pokégear.

“Please…help us.”

            There it was again. At that point, I started to get some very eerie vibes that I just couldn’t ignore. I had to figure out who was calling me. Unfortunately, the place where I thought the voice was coming from was the creepy basement I was trying so hard to avoid. But, you know, fuck me, right? The voice called again and I whispered, “I know, I heard you the first two times. Just hold on, alright? Geez.”

The basement level was just as haunting as I thought it would be. There was light in the halls, but it was dim and blue, making it possible to see down them while retaining the ‘beware-of-jump-scare’ vibe. That disembodied voice could’ve been behind anyone of the many doors down there, but I didn’t want to take the chance to open a door and be caught by a bunch of Team Rocket nerds. The further I walked through the halls, the more my vibes grew. It felt like my body knew where to go without explaining why. I guess that’s what they call instinct. One hallway I walked down felt strange. Like I was close to something important. That feeling got stronger the closer I reached the door at the end of the hallway. I reached for the doorknob when it suddenly turned on its own. Out of fear, I jumped into an open room behind me and hid behind this huge bookshelf. I listened to the echoed footsteps go past the room and I slowly peeked down the hall. The woman walking down it had an empty cage in her hand. Whatever that thing was used for must be in that room, I thought.

Creeping closer to the source of my wonky vibes felt like one of those points in your life when you think to yourself, If I do this? How could it possibly affect my life? And then you do the thing in question and realize, How could it not?

What I saw in that room was the worst thing I had ever witnessed firsthand. At first, I couldn’t see much because one light was barely on in the center of the ceiling, so all I saw were tuba sized cages with small, glowing eyes in some of them. All those eyes staring at me made me incapable of moving my legs.

Over here,” the voice reached out. I hesitantly crept further down the aisle of cages. I heard a soft purr coming from one cage and went toward it.

“Are you the one I keep hearing?” I asked as I peeked inside the cage. The glowing brown eyes seemed to get a bit closer and then in an instant, they appeared mere inches from my face and the creature bearing them would have clawed my face if I hadn’t jumped back and fallen on my ass already. “Okay, groovy, not you. I won’t bother you anymore.” That’s when I recognized the creature in the cage. It was an Eevee. An angry and defensive one at that. It paced around, keeping eye contact with me. A few Pokémon in the other cells started to purr as well and it was in that moment that I realized Eevee and all of its evolutionary forms were being held against their will by Team Rocket. But for what?

Glad to see you found us, human.”

            I looked around at the icy blue Glaceon, to the blazing Flareon, and to this colorful Sylveon that laid in a corner of its cage licking off a wound on its arm. Then I felt a cold chill at the back of my neck like I was being watched. I turned around and in the cage to the right of the sleeping Umbreon were the piercing purple eyes of an Espeon. I looked through those unblinking eyes and felt empowered as if this ball of light purple fluff was determined and confident. In what? I had no idea, but I knew that I wanted to do whatever was in my power to help it. I just needed to know one thing. Standing in front of its cell, I asked it, “Are you a boy or a girl?” Espeon’s eyes shifted from seriousness to curiosity. “Your voice sounded female, but it’s really hard to tell with most Pokémon, so I thought I’d ask.” Espeon gave a smile as I heard it chuckle in my head.

“You are a very amusing human. Yes, I am female, but I do not know how that matters at all.”

“I don’t know. I was just curious.”

“More curious than knowing about this dungeon? Than knowing what this place and what my siblings and I are here for?”

“I mean, those were definitely gonna be my next few questions,” I said. It was strange. This Pokémon wasn’t as jumpy and ferocious as the others. She was calm and kind. “So, what is Team Rocket doing to you and your siblings?” I took a seat. Espeon’s eyes turned blue before she spoke.

“About a month ago, we were brought here as the humans’ test dummies. You call them, ‘Team Rocket’?” I nodded. As she told me her story, images of her and her family being captured and caged up by Team Rocket appeared in my head.

            “To test what?”

“I’m not sure. However, we are put on a stage of sorts and our energy is drained into different crystals that the humans study.” More images surfaced. I could see an Eevee and a Sylveon be chained to a round stage and electrocuted until they fell unconscious. I also witnessed a few of Espeon’s siblings being tossed into the kennels with fresh, bleeding, wounds on their bodies. The images were so graphic and depressing, that I started to tear up. I could not believe what had happened to these Pokémon.

The platform I saw upstairs must be what she’s talking about, I thought as I wiped my eyes. Though, that didn’t explain any of their behaviors. “How is it that you’re so calm while your siblings are…?”

“Hostile? Mistrusting?” She knew the exact words I was thinking of using. “The experiments affected each of us differently. At first, the fatigue was bearable, however, after so long, most of us have lost hope and have grown spiteful and melancholy. I, on the other hand, still remember what it was like to be free and remain hopeful for my family’s sake.”

            “You still trust humans? And why me of all people?” Why did she ask for my help?

“I know that not all humans are terrible. And it’s not like I chose to have you help us. You were just the only person to hear my voice.”

“Oh, so I was just a lucky coincidence, huh?” I muttered. A bit disappointed in the fact that I wasn’t chosen for any particular reason.

“Yep, that’s basically it,” she said with a laugh.

“You don’t have to agree with me,” I snapped. I felt offended, but Espeon’s smile made it hard to be too hurt, so I just laughed along with her. Though, I knew that it was not the time to lollygag. I had to find a way to free all of those Pokémon. I stood up and investigated the cage. A card reader was positioned as the lock of the cell. I had to get my hands on an I.D. card. “I’ll have to grab a Team Rocket I.D. to open this cell.” I was speaking to Espeon, but I could swear that the Umbreon beside us scoffed at me. “What? Do you have a better idea?” I asked it. It just looked at me, looked at Espeon, growled something to her, and went back to sleep. Like, I was standing right there and was completely ignored. I’m pretty sure it insulted me also. Espeon turned to me.

“My brother means well. He just doesn’t believe in you like I do.” That did not make me feel any better. I had to stick it to that Umbreon.

“Well, I’ll just have to prove him wrong. I’m gonna get the key and I’ll be back as fast as I can.” I walked back towards the hall and as I passed Umbreon I said, “And you can suck it.”

Creeping through the hallways was easy, the hard part was finding empty rooms with an I.D. card randomly in it. The best way for me to get my hands on an I.D. was to snatch one off someone. I found one woman who had her card swinging off the side of her skirt. I clung to the wall as I followed her down the hall. She went from room to room collecting papers from scientists, so I guessed she was just an assistant or something. Finally, she stopped to answer a phone call from her boss. As she stood still, giving a progress report of the work being done, I tiptoed behind her, carefully snatched her card, and snuck back towards Espeon and the others. Unfortunately, I was a little late.

            While staying in the shadows, I witnessed a guy walk past me with two small kennels. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Umbreon and Espeon inside them, trying to break free. I couldn’t let them get their energies drained again. They couldn’t suffer any more abuse. I didn’t know how, but I was going to stop Team Rocket’s experiments.

To be continued…