An Erotica Flew Over the Virginity Nest

So I wrote an erotic poem. Who saw that one coming? Not me. But I did it and am really proud of it. Honestly, I think it’s the best poem I’ve ever written. I even used as many skills up my magical sleeves as I could fluidly make fit. I originally wrote this piece for Tucson’s annual erotic art show, but I didn’t make the deadline and then the pandemic cancelled the show. However, I will submit it next year and hopefully get picked. I also wrote this poem because well….why not? I am a writer. I should write whatever my creativity breeds, right? And this year I’ve been trying a slew of new things. Within my writing and my extra curricular activities. I worked a beer festival, went to an EDM festival called Dusk, dressed as a musketeer for ye old renaissance fair, met and befriended all sorts of new peeps. And I have many more adventures waiting for me and new crowds to surround myself with. And doing all of these things just enhances me as a person as well as a writer. I love it.

And one new and already good friend named Quynn graciously allowed me to use them as my muse for this poem. Which also led to the creation of my first non-binary character in any of my works. So, I am super grateful to Quynn for being a magical person and helping me make this poem a huge success.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this crisis. Physically and mentally. Stay groovy as smoothies.

Mystical Moon

Eliasaph Maze Anderson

As the dusk looms over
The fireflies strike the candlelight
Lavender, vanilla, strawberries
Grab my spirit by the shaft and tugs me ever so close
And yet
I’m still too far from my destination

The thread of destiny weaved by witches that did not see but felt
The slightest brush of their bare bountiful breasts
The lightest pecks of marshmallow kisses trailing from their neck to hips
Ever. So. Increasing
Enlightened breeze of fondness
With every stroke over their sensitively sweet centerpieces

The woven connection that reels my attention should not be mistaken for a woman
A faerie holds my gaze intently
Cerulean grey jewels search my soul
Flowing gracefully about my aura as if they were a ballerina on a pole
A stiff, thick, rod eases up to greet the magical flyer hugging my lap with their naked thighs
Their hands wave over my chest as will-o-wisp whispers heat up my body from my ears to my toes
All I can do to keep from floating away
is to grasp their curvy waists and pull the faerie close so their soft nipples kiss my chest the same way my lips grind with theirs
My tongue slips into their mouth as smoothly as my rapier into their sheath

As our auras rage with each other like a sauna
The beasts we keep leashed inside claw their way to the surface
And we no longer cared about our game of strip tease and stripped with ease
Remaining embraced as much as we could so that we didn’t lose the enchanted air we needed to soar
To keep the electricity flowing through our lungs
To keep my lips on theirs, my teeth on their neck, my hands and tongue on their beautiful chest
To keep their nails clinging to my back
The faerie digging deeper to my spirit as I thrust closer to theirs

The faerie’s wings tighten around me as they plead
The rhythm of our song increasing from the swaying waltz
To the strong, marcato, 808 beats
That fueled a crescendo of affirmations from my partner

The magic between us boils to a climax again and again
Again and again
As our spirits blend, time melts away, we’re transported to another realm where we can experience true freedom and pleasure
Among the grass, trees, open weather
Like two wolves mating to midnight’s melodious tune
We howl our hearts and souls not just to each other but up to the radiant light of the mystical moon