An Erotica Flew Over the Virginity Nest

So I wrote an erotic poem. Who saw that one coming? Not me. But I did it and am really proud of it. Honestly, I think it’s the best poem I’ve ever written. I even used as many skills up my magical sleeves as I could fluidly make fit. I originally wrote this piece for Tucson’s annual erotic art show, but I didn’t make the deadline and then the pandemic cancelled the show. However, I will submit it next year and hopefully get picked. I also wrote this poem because well….why not? I am a writer. I should write whatever my creativity breeds, right? And this year I’ve been trying a slew of new things. Within my writing and my extra curricular activities. I worked a beer festival, went to an EDM festival called Dusk, dressed as a musketeer for ye old renaissance fair, met and befriended all sorts of new peeps. And I have many more adventures waiting for me and new crowds to surround myself with. And doing all of these things just enhances me as a person as well as a writer. I love it.

And one new and already good friend named Quynn graciously allowed me to use them as my muse for this poem. Which also led to the creation of my first non-binary character in any of my works. So, I am super grateful to Quynn for being a magical person and helping me make this poem a huge success.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this crisis. Physically and mentally. Stay groovy as smoothies.

Mystical Moon

Eliasaph Maze Anderson

As the dusk looms over
The fireflies strike the candlelight
Lavender, vanilla, strawberries
Grab my spirit by the shaft and tugs me ever so close
And yet
I’m still too far from my destination

The thread of destiny weaved by witches that did not see but felt
The slightest brush of their bare bountiful breasts
The lightest pecks of marshmallow kisses trailing from their neck to hips
Ever. So. Increasing
Enlightened breeze of fondness
With every stroke over their sensitively sweet centerpieces

The woven connection that reels my attention should not be mistaken for a woman
A faerie holds my gaze intently
Cerulean grey jewels search my soul
Flowing gracefully about my aura as if they were a ballerina on a pole
A stiff, thick, rod eases up to greet the magical flyer hugging my lap with their naked thighs
Their hands wave over my chest as will-o-wisp whispers heat up my body from my ears to my toes
All I can do to keep from floating away
is to grasp their curvy waists and pull the faerie close so their soft nipples kiss my chest the same way my lips grind with theirs
My tongue slips into their mouth as smoothly as my rapier into their sheath

As our auras rage with each other like a sauna
The beasts we keep leashed inside claw their way to the surface
And we no longer cared about our game of strip tease and stripped with ease
Remaining embraced as much as we could so that we didn’t lose the enchanted air we needed to soar
To keep the electricity flowing through our lungs
To keep my lips on theirs, my teeth on their neck, my hands and tongue on their beautiful chest
To keep their nails clinging to my back
The faerie digging deeper to my spirit as I thrust closer to theirs

The faerie’s wings tighten around me as they plead
The rhythm of our song increasing from the swaying waltz
To the strong, marcato, 808 beats
That fueled a crescendo of affirmations from my partner

The magic between us boils to a climax again and again
Again and again
As our spirits blend, time melts away, we’re transported to another realm where we can experience true freedom and pleasure
Among the grass, trees, open weather
Like two wolves mating to midnight’s melodious tune
We howl our hearts and souls not just to each other but up to the radiant light of the mystical moon

Love Interruption

You know what love is? It’s magical. Surreal. It’s a rush to all your senses and the cleanest ecstasy you’ll ever have. Love sucks. At least it can. Love can beat you on the ground bloody. Love can take your heart, eat it up, and spit it out. Love can be your salvation and depress you. Even Cupid himself is a symbol of the romanticism of love and the sufferings of it.

I digress. Today’s post is one I didn’t intend to do but decided to do to showcase an old poem that I edited and finally think it’s good enough to publish. But this is not a typical love poem. It’s not really about “love” at all. Just about the wonderful parts of a particular relationship alongside the awful parts.

Before I showcase this poem, I suggest that you listen to “Love Interruption” by Jack White because it’s a great song depicting how love affects people. The entire Blunderbuss album is amazing but that one fits the holiday mood the most, maybe. Another song suggestion is “Dream” by Bishop Briggs. That song actually holds a similar theme to today’s poem and I actually listened to a lot of Bishop Briggs during the time this poem was conceived, so it might have had subconscious effects on my writing I wasn’t aware of until this very moment.

Anyway, enjoy the poem and have a great Valentine’s day.

Your Name
Eliasaph Maze Anderson

I remember the day you parted the rain
Walked up to me in the café and told me your name
You said that I seemed cool
And I thought, I guess
And from that moment guessing was all I did
All you did
We had no clue what we got ourselves into
It was fantastic
Like Disney’s Fantasmic
The time we spent together dazzled like fireworks
And it hurt
When the show ended, in disbelief that it would
But the journey was a magical entrance
To new adventures I could only imagine ‘till you pulled them out of your hat
As if you knew that taking a leap inside my mind would be a fun idea
And that was all it was to you

Pastimes are imperative to destress the world you’re sinking in
I was oblivious to the clock ticking down, in the pocket that you put me in
Though the disco ball spun in the sky, I’m not confident that it ever danced around
The sky used as a canvas for the meteor we both called magical
Painting streaks of scarlets, azure, and violets as it sailed by
What we weren’t sure of lasting a week montaged across months
A shower of vibes was in flux that could only be categorized as groovy
Generating a bond marvelous, extraordinary

With an aeon sneaking past me
I wonder if this reminiscing mystique
Could be considered a jubilee
For musical laughter escapes me at the thought of pajamas and burritos
My eyes are photoshopped as stars at the remembrance of the candlelight dinner
Stars shaded over by your super power
Without any warning I’m just sitting for hours
With the minutes passing by
Not realizing the absence of ticks on the clock and color in the sky

Playing with the music that hums in my brain
Summoning it to rain all over the page
You witness
The sword I’ve been trying to swing as a blessing slice you like a scythe
Dripping a curable pain from the wound
It’s just weird, is what you say
The explanation would be spoken if you stopped stepping away
How could I possibly say what I was feeling?
I understood your feelings
A lack of understanding morphs weird into terrifying
Anxieties causing theories to go flying
Just like a fool
Bending air in an attempt to bridge that abyss
Ended with an apologetic wish
Not knowing that my calming winds would fuel your fire
Into raging flames lacking desire

I’m sorry

As I gaze through Your Name
Reminiscing the hauntings up to the meteor’s crash-landing on our hollow sanctuary
One haunting meant for diaries flows vividly through my mind
The night we shared a moment I had not experienced For the Longest Time
The night I had the pleasure of drinking whiskey with an acting dame
I will remember you as fondly as that night
As fondly as the Arctic Monkeys view Arabella
When I remember your name

A Decade of Meditations

I want to write an anthology of prose and poems about the last decade of my life. Everything I have learned, felt, struggled with, thought and never said, wrote and never published, seen, experienced, dreamt. These pieces are shards of my past.

Little Victories

I love my friends.
They are the best people I know.

When I recovered from my seizures a couple years back, they took me out to dinner. When I told them I found an illustrator for my comic book, they cheered for me and let me change the server name and picture on our group chat to whatever I wanted. When Andy beat a videogame after five months, we all cheered. When Steve moved from his small, boring town to Tucson, we had a party. When Bre got her first hangover, we high-fived her, lightly. When anyone of us do anything slightly impressive, we all yell “fuck yeah!” When I realized that I had gone a whole year and only went to the hospital once as opposed to the normal three to four times a year, we toasted to my health and drank the night away.

I love my friends.
Get yourself some friends who celebrate.
Even the small victories.



My body’s decaying like a withered soul
My heart can choose to give up and explode
But I’m fine…
I’m just half-dead
Everywhere but in my head
I’m not as tall as the demon rising in my dreams
I slip and let it out
Every now and then
‘Cause my blood’s bursting at the seams
So does it really matter how I choose to fall?
At the start of it all

Don’t worry I’m fine…
I’m just half-dead
I’d always spend my childhood nights
In my bed, wishing I couldn’t feel
Or hear the voices in my head
Never knowing what to do
Except bottle it inside
Murder my emotions
Burn my tears before I cry
From this monster torturing my hope
As it tries to help me reach for the sky

Like I said, I’m fine
I’m as half-dead as I was back then
An empty shell, wishing to be in hell
At least there I would’ve belonged
Instead of being treated like a ghost
Whispering along
Until one day I was captured
By some crazy laughing bastards
With spiritual awareness
Who lived like they couldn’t of cared less

They awakened me
Let me see who I could be
Without the mask
To say and think all that I believed
Allowed me to laugh
Introduced me to a whole new world
Turned my magic into radiance
I thought it would forever be noir and cold
Slicing up my soul to be sold
Electrifying my brain from making any sense

Though I was new, I was half-dead
In the mirror were two hosts
The mask and the ghost
Occupying the same lifeline
Occasionally at the same time
If you consider having your heart and your mind
At war when there’s little to fight for
Then I was fine, just half tainted
The half of my soul dipped in midnight was where my demon painted

Since then, I’ve been trying to keep the balance
Like a grey Jedi
Still reaching for that boundless sky
Even when these seizures impair my vision
Scalpels, as I sleep, alter me with ingrained incisions
I don’t falter from my missions
Gotta keep the hosts in check
While my body tries to wreck
With its reaper blood
Dragging me down in a hopeless flood

I won’t ever surrender
But I admit to the answer
That I’m half-dead
May be gettin worse
Little I can do to stop this god-given curse

Even so, I will not go without a fight
You think my bark is bad, wait till you get a taste of my bite
Time to tap into the side of me that’s full of light

Don’t worry, I’m half-dead
But I can evolve
Go through another transformation, just a slight alteration
My soul is on that divine transportation
To the field of dreams that we can’t see
But we can feel it and hear it
Like Jeanne d’Arc
I will aid
Those whose flames are fading away
Because they have a better chance at happiness than I ever thought I did
And with the life I’ve lived
I know it’s possible to obtain
But there’s no need to strain yourself
Or restrain your belief
I’m here to let you sigh a relief
Put your trust in me
And I’ll do my part as best I can
Time to make those dreams come true
Grasp them with my dead-living hand

I’m half-dead
But I’m always ok
‘Cause that me that you see
Will carry on
And with whatever I do
I do it my way


Trade Keys

I wonder, “what do you see?”
When you keep gazing at me
I’m not anyone special
Yet you like to gift me mental hugs
And grant stability

Why do you feel like…
You have a dim light?
Singing a song on a music box in a D minor key

Your smile shines so brightly
But I know it betrays you slightly
I know
You’re wish

You know I feel tired
As I continue to realize
The warmth for all
But me

I know you have
A golden heart that’s
Chipped by those too close

You’re in situations that drown you in an abyss

I wonder, “What do you see?”
When you keep gazing at me
I glance at you and your angelic radiance
Yet your wings are so weak

I cannot tell why
You feel so dispelled but
I think we should
Trade keys

I wanna see
If you’re leaning towards me
I’d like to know how you’re chained down
Maybe I can set you free

Don’t think that I’m
Doing it for my dime
You mean so much to me

Living life would be better with you here

I wonder, “What do you see?”
When you keep gazing at me
Is our connection like a mirror
Or is it yet to be seen?

You’re reaching
For us to be a team
I wonder,
If you knew what was behind my door
Would you want to trade keys?



I know we talk about a lot of things about our lives; sex, money, family, work, dreams, doubts, everything of the kind. And you’re welcome to open any door within me. Meanwhile, the one to my love life is one I won’t let you see. You all are so judgmental and opiniated that sometimes it makes me feel alienated. And every time I tell you about my recent dates, you have a look of disapproval all over your face. Why should I jump off the road that’s paved so well just because you don’t like the caster of the spell? I never feel confident introducing my girlfriends to any of you for hearing you call my exes “immature bitches” is what I’m used to. However, I’ve realized that even though you all are harsh and have incredibly high standards, you just want the best for me, so I should give you all a chance. Especially, the two of you, L & B. I know you both love your friends, which is why this story is more for you than it is for me.



I enjoy being around you

And I know you feel the same

Your presence is refreshing

We can watch movies, TV
Eat dinner, have coffee

We’ve had fun together before

Because we fit so well

And we can do it again
But anything more

I’ll have to let you know
That I don’t think it’d be wise

I’ve seen this pattern too many times before

I’ve played this game

It’s not some complicated art
You don’t mean it or realize what you’re doing

That I know
I can’t play it again
I’ll have to let you go

If you want to try again
I need to know the reasoning inside your heart

Or I’ll say no

Before we start


The Pirate Life

Life is like the sea. It’s terrifying; full of mystery within the unknown; difficult to navigate; gross and murky in some parts; clear and beautiful at others; full of danger and mirages and bountiful rewards. I’m terrified of the sea. I’m not that great of a swimmer and the cold could literally kill me. And yet I still decided to commandeer my own ship and set sail on my own. No one to navigate for me or tell me how to steer. No one to influence my decisions. I was able to carry my own compass and find out what I truly desired. At first, I was alone. Aimlessly charting through rainstorms, getting hailed by waves of darkness and ship-cracking lightning. I thought I’d go insane drinking rum with no one but my scattered brain. Until one day I met a friend at a port tavern observing the world go round. And I offered my hand to them that we could live out our own journeys and curiosities. Ultimately, we could charter our own destinies. From that point was our official start. We stopped at every port since then and we made a new friend before we embarked. Now I had a motley crew whose desires became mine and mine theirs too. We voyaged through each island and coast and haunted isle for whatever we sought. Whether it be booty or treasure, romance or adventure, knowledge or parties, we’d be together for it all. And at some point, I had realized, while sharing my rum, through our swashbuckling quests and scurvy tomfoolery, the sea was not as daunting as it used to be. We didn’t sing “Yo ho” because every pirate should, we cheered “Yo ho” because we were pirates that could.           

Turns out, the pirate’s life for me.


Lost Muses

To all the women I’ve loved before

I still think about you all

Mostly our time together

For you all impacted my life

And your memories are now treasured

Within pieces of my heart

Still being melded back in place

Wherever you all end up

I know it will be full of love and joy

Because I will not be there

To make a mess

Cause you stress

Someone better will be there to address

Your needs                                       


And worries

Help you reach your desired glory

So, when any of you cross my mind

I smile knowing that you all are someplace

Where your lights can shine


Life as Me

I laugh, laugh, laugh every day
Laughter’s the medicine keeping me sane

I refuse to kneel to conformity and what’s easy, I will keep walking and try to be no one but me

Now I never said I was cured; my darkness is too great to ignore so I don’t and use it to be me more. I accepted my shadow and walk alongside it

Casting it out will just make my life shit

Dance to the rhythm of optimism, then you’ll notice life is worth livin in

Biannually, death taps on my shoulder
I slap his hand and tell ‘em
Back off fool, can’t you see I’m busy?
I’m here to improve the welfare of my company
Sit down, grab a drink, leave my crown on the table
You don’t get my attention until our relationship’s stable.

Until then, watch the show, let the series end
When that day comes, to my kingdom, I’ll gladly descend



Brothers are just like


The only difference is that

The latter requires

More steps

To climb in order to

Truly get to know each other.



I missed your birthday dinner, but I called dibs on paying for your food. You appreciated it, said it was like I was there. We both know that’s not true but thank you. You said it wasn’t necessary, I begged to differ. You do so much for your friends at the cost of yourself and it was time the same deed was done at the cost of someone else. You’re an incredible friend and you deserve friends who are equal or better, not worse. I know you have your girlfriend and she is your world. But remember we, along with me, are always here for you, to be your universe.


Drastic Subtleties

I was skyping my buddy Andrew late one night. And he had told me that he thought I had changed since the day he first met me. I told him that we’ve both changed over the years. Especially after leaving for college. He said, “No Maze. Yes, we both changed but you especially. I’m just less of a dick.” In that regard, I agreed. But had I really changed that much? I asked him, “Can you describe it?” He gave me an example. It’s like when you’re doing work or playing games or binge watching TV at night and then you look outside and all of a sudden, it’s morning. I was baffled. That’s how Andrew saw my change? Night and day were complete opposites and yet the way he described it had the notion that the transformation was subtle. He didn’t notice until he looked out the window.

At one moment, I was the night
Always hiding something in the shadows

Then, I was the day
As open as a book
Every side of me was lit up

As the night
I loomed through life like a wolf through the trees

As the day
I flew towards the clouds like a hawk with its wings spread out

As the night
I was a harsh gale
As watchful as a cat with a noir coat
My Chemical Romance masked my soul

As the day
I settled to a warm breeze
A playful pup at the park
Disco grooved off my aura

As the night
A crescent of light enveloped me

As the day
My brilliance enveloped others

Andrew looked out the window not once, but twice. And then three times. He continued looking out that window as if sifting through a notebook with a sketch on every page. That sketch was of me. And if you look at the first sketch and the last then you may automatically see the differences. Like Andrew. But if you are me; then you’ll see the sketch walk over the pages and never truly realize how each page evolved you slightly more than the last.



Since I was born my eyes have been black

On documents they’re brown

But that’s just not true

Demons took my eyes

Replaced them with a gothic hue.

I used to like my eyes

The stained windows to my soul

People told me they changed color

Blue, purple, I always hoped they’d turn gold.

But that was not my fate

I had changed course

My soul was as dark as Death’s horse.

I lost interest in my eyes

Told people not to look

The shadows swimming in the darkness left them shook.

After years of spiritual meditation

And soulful enlightenment

I awoke today with a magical present.

My eyes surprised me with a break in reality

Mocha had come through

Now I know dawn has come anew.

Pokemon 20th Anniversary!

Yo, readers. I’m returning to blogging in a spectacular way with an amazingly crazy story. A Pokemon fan fiction. And before you lose interest because you think Pokemon is for kids and dumb and whatever, I suggest giving my spin on one of my childhood favorite games. I am not only writing this fanfic to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, but to also share what I have learned from my life in a world unfamiliar, meanwhile, similar to ours. For those who don’t know me, I am a realist. Therefore, this story, all though meant to be light and kid friendly is going to be written in a more young adult type of way. So, its’ more like rated pg-13 than pg. And to clarify, I am writing this more for myself than others because I love Pokemon. And because of that, I am throwing out all the rules to whatever writers follow and putting not just myself in the story, but everyone I know as well. Where and when a person from my life will appear in the story and how they will affect it will be more or less random. There’s not really a set plan with this one, I’m mostly making things up as I go along. That also means the writing style may change a teensy  bit throughout the work because I have 2 editors helping me create a more riveting narrative. My first editor is one of my best friends, Breanna Gushiken, while my second editor is my eldest sister, Elisha Frazer. So far, I’ve completed the 1st episode, which is 27 pages long, so I am gonna split the episode into small parts for easy and quick reading. Ok, I’m done rambling. Have fun reading.


Pokémon Generation Neo:

Episode I

The Adventure Begins

Part 1

            I ran up the hill to Professor Elm’s lab as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe my parents let me sleep in late! They knew how long I’ve been waiting for this day. This very dehydrating day. I slowed down as I stared up at the nearly cloudless sky. The summer sun was baking my body. Sweat rolled out of my beanie. I saw the guys in front of the lab as I arrived at the hilltop. My friends were sitting in the grass with a Cyndaquil I had never seen before.

Damn, I think I’m too late. I ran to them and put my hands on my knees. “Did…I make it?” I could barely breathe.

“No, bro. You’re thirty minutes late. There are no more starters for you to get,” Brett said as he gave Cyndaquil a pat on the head. The others just shook their heads in disapproval.

“Nice, Maze. You had one job,” Andrew laughed.

“Yea, Maze, we called like four times,” Sam chimed in. Jose just sat there and laughed. My friends suck sometimes. I sat down beside Brett.

“I overslept. I went to bed late last night and, and, well this happened.” I was mad at myself, but at the same time, I just didn’t care. I always ended up messing things up for myself that I became used to it. Even now, I continually screw things up. “Sorry, Brett, I guess we’ll be leaving town tomorrow instead.” We’ve planned this for over a year. Brett would finally graduate high school and we’d travel the world as Pokémon trainers. I know what you’re thinking. Why didn’t you get your starter when you turned ten? Well, it’s because the laws were changed years ago.

You see, the generation before my friends and I was called the “hero” generation because they solved so much of the turmoil that started occurring in the world. The numerous world threatening events caused the governments of every region to change the trainer age from ten years old, to fourteen. However, many parents saw the raise in age to force their children to finish high school before being trainers, just like my parents. I know, my life sucks, but not after today.

“How about you spend the night at my house, Maze, so we make sure you wake up on time.” Jose was almost always helpful. It was a good idea though.

“Yea, then we can play games and watch movies all night.” Sam didn’t understand the point of us hanging out tonight.

“No, you idiot, we don’t want Maze to stay up all night because then he’ll be late again.” Andrew understood, but he didn’t need to be so harsh. I just laid down in the grass and watched the clouds go by. I was in no mood to argue with them today. After a few minutes, I saw the professor looking down at me. I swear that guy’s wardrobe is filled with the same outfit. A green dress shirt, brown khakis and loafers, and his lab coat. The five of us turned our attention to him.

“Hey, doc. What’s up?” I said. He pushed up his glasses.

“Hey, guys. Maze, I was sad to see you didn’t show up today. Are you alright?”

“Yea, I just overslept, everything’s groovy,” I reassured.

“Oh ok, then I’ll be glad to see you tomorrow to get your Pokémon, right?” I nodded. “I’ll be here as early as eight in the morning, so you’re welcome to stop by then.”

“Will do.”

“Very good. Now, to the business at hand. I wanted to ask you all a favor.” We all gave him questioning glances. Cyndaquil was also paying attention.

“Okay…” Brett said. It wasn’t very often the professor would ask us a favor.

“Sure, professor, whatever you need,” Sam said. If any of us wanted to back out before, it was too late now. Thanks, Sam.

“Great. You see, I lost a small black case in the woods this morning and don’t have time to look for it until tomorrow because I have a ton of research to do today. I’d be grateful if you could search for it.” The professor gave us a smile. The five of us shared shrugs and nods.

“Yea, we’ll look for it for you. Which part of the woods did you lose it?” Brett asked.

“I lost it somewhere near the path that leads to Tohjo Falls. Thank you guys so much for your help. Just let me know if you find it or not,” Professor Elm said as he walked back into his lab.

“I know what I’m not doing today,” Andrew pronounced. We just glared at him. That behavior was expected from Andrew. He was always too lazy to do anything helpful, but in the end, he helped anyway. “I’m joking, I’m going, don’t worry.” And good thing he was helping because I sure couldn’t.

“Well, have fun with that, I’ll catch up with you guys later and help,” I said as I got up.

“Where are you going?” Brett asked. Cyndaquil was eating an Oran berry from his hand.

“I’ve got work at the café until six. I’ll search after, though, I promise.”

“You better, we’re not searching on our own!” Brett yelled as I walked down the hill. There’s four of them and a Cyndaquil, so I didn’t understand what he meant by ‘on their own,’ but whatever. I just waved and went off to work.

Later that night, I went off into the woods. I was pretty tired, but I said I would look for that mysterious case, so I had no choice. I called Jose right after work and he told me him and the others were taking a break from searching, so I went searching on my own.

It didn’t take me long to reach the area that the professor told us about, however, I could not find that case for the life of me. The area near Tohjo Falls was big. The trees grew so high that for many of them, it wasn’t possible to see the top. And this wasn’t one of those bright green, nicely cut grass type of woods, it’s one of those woods with the semi-tall grass and leaves of shades of brown and dark green covering the ground. I spent an hour and a half looking and decided to take a break. I just decided to go exploring and hang out with the Pokémon in the area. Pidgeys and Spearow flew over me while Caterpie and Rattata scurried through the grass and climbed up the trees. As I walked randomly through the forest I had come across the weirdest phenomena ever. Not really, but it was weird. A guy in a black uniform with a giant red ‘R’ on his chest was walking several feet in front of me until he just disappeared. It was like he walked through space time because the entire space he walked passed rippled like a pebble in water.

I was shocked for sure, but I was more intrigued than anything else. Have you ever had that moment when you are surprised by something and should be scared and question everything, but instead you are like, ‘cool! How’d that happen?’ That’s exactly how I felt. I ran up to the spot where that guy disappeared and investigated the area. Nothing seemed wrong. The grass was grass, the trees were trees, and the leaves were definitely leaves. I stretched my arm out in front of me and part of it went through the ripple in space. Like when Alice and Eevee went through the looking glass only this was even trippier. My success in finding this anomaly made me smile. I walked into the ripple and was surprised to find on the other side…the same stupid forest. Like no space station or different part of the world, no, I was still in the same place. Except now, there was a two story red and white building that wasn’t there before. I looked to the sky to find a huge grid-like field surrounding the area above the building that spread to the ground. It must have been what I stepped through to find this place. And what was being used to keep this place a secret. No wonder no one had ever seen this random building in the middle of the stupid woods before.

I spotted the guy I saw moments before go inside the building. I tried to follow him in, but I needed to scan an I.D. badge at the door. Like I was gonna get one of those. Instead, I snuck around, looking for another way inside. I looked through the windows to see what was going on inside and found even more people wearing black uniforms. I couldn’t place where I saw that ‘R’ logo before, but right at that moment, I remembered. It was the Team Rocket logo. A bunch of them were running around with vials of colorful fluids, huge cables, and stacks of papers. Some of them even had lab coats on. The inside was well kept too. It had the same messy but organized layout as a hospital. Sparkling floors, sterilized walls, and random computers and tech at one side of the room. I didn’t know what the heck these weirdos were up to, but I knew I had to find out.

As I lurked around to the back of the building, I caught a glimpse of a girl with long, black hair enter the hideout. I caught the door before it closed and held it ajar just a tiny bit so that it looked closed from far away. I walked right in after seeing no one in the hall. I was really proud of myself for obvious reasons. Who wouldn’t be happy about successfully sneaking into some place you obviously shouldn’t be entering. I didn’t need a bunch of signs reading ‘Danger’ and ‘Do not enter’ to know that I was doing something extremely stupid and dangerous, but, you know, yolo. Anyway, that hallway had nothing in it, except for one entryway to the basement level. Like I was going to do something as dumb as go down into the creepy basement. I just decided to observe the rest of the place and get evidence to show the police later.

I knelt down as I snuck a peak into the main lobby. It wasn’t really a lobby as it was just a huge area with tons of computers and crap, but let’s just call it a lobby. So, this lobby was the same room that I saw through the window earlier. What I didn’t see earlier was this big red and white platform in the middle of the room with the random pedestal on one side of it. Above the platform was this metal frame-worked indoor balcony that made up the second level. Several Team Rocket goons were setting up video cameras that were looking down at the stage. Apparently, they were getting ready for some kind of show or experiment or something.

“Help us…”

            The feeling of anxiety washed over me after I heard the disembodied voice. It was like it came from my own head, but I know I wasn’t thinking it. Deciding to just brush that incident as nonsense, I took a few snapshots of the lobby with my Pokégear.

“Please…help us.”

            There it was again. At that point, I started to get some very eerie vibes that I just couldn’t ignore. I had to figure out who was calling me. Unfortunately, the place where I thought the voice was coming from was the creepy basement I was trying so hard to avoid. But, you know, fuck me, right? The voice called again and I whispered, “I know, I heard you the first two times. Just hold on, alright? Geez.”

The basement level was just as haunting as I thought it would be. There was light in the halls, but it was dim and blue, making it possible to see down them while retaining the ‘beware-of-jump-scare’ vibe. That disembodied voice could’ve been behind anyone of the many doors down there, but I didn’t want to take the chance to open a door and be caught by a bunch of Team Rocket nerds. The further I walked through the halls, the more my vibes grew. It felt like my body knew where to go without explaining why. I guess that’s what they call instinct. One hallway I walked down felt strange. Like I was close to something important. That feeling got stronger the closer I reached the door at the end of the hallway. I reached for the doorknob when it suddenly turned on its own. Out of fear, I jumped into an open room behind me and hid behind this huge bookshelf. I listened to the echoed footsteps go past the room and I slowly peeked down the hall. The woman walking down it had an empty cage in her hand. Whatever that thing was used for must be in that room, I thought.

Creeping closer to the source of my wonky vibes felt like one of those points in your life when you think to yourself, If I do this? How could it possibly affect my life? And then you do the thing in question and realize, How could it not?

What I saw in that room was the worst thing I had ever witnessed firsthand. At first, I couldn’t see much because one light was barely on in the center of the ceiling, so all I saw were tuba sized cages with small, glowing eyes in some of them. All those eyes staring at me made me incapable of moving my legs.

Over here,” the voice reached out. I hesitantly crept further down the aisle of cages. I heard a soft purr coming from one cage and went toward it.

“Are you the one I keep hearing?” I asked as I peeked inside the cage. The glowing brown eyes seemed to get a bit closer and then in an instant, they appeared mere inches from my face and the creature bearing them would have clawed my face if I hadn’t jumped back and fallen on my ass already. “Okay, groovy, not you. I won’t bother you anymore.” That’s when I recognized the creature in the cage. It was an Eevee. An angry and defensive one at that. It paced around, keeping eye contact with me. A few Pokémon in the other cells started to purr as well and it was in that moment that I realized Eevee and all of its evolutionary forms were being held against their will by Team Rocket. But for what?

Glad to see you found us, human.”

            I looked around at the icy blue Glaceon, to the blazing Flareon, and to this colorful Sylveon that laid in a corner of its cage licking off a wound on its arm. Then I felt a cold chill at the back of my neck like I was being watched. I turned around and in the cage to the right of the sleeping Umbreon were the piercing purple eyes of an Espeon. I looked through those unblinking eyes and felt empowered as if this ball of light purple fluff was determined and confident. In what? I had no idea, but I knew that I wanted to do whatever was in my power to help it. I just needed to know one thing. Standing in front of its cell, I asked it, “Are you a boy or a girl?” Espeon’s eyes shifted from seriousness to curiosity. “Your voice sounded female, but it’s really hard to tell with most Pokémon, so I thought I’d ask.” Espeon gave a smile as I heard it chuckle in my head.

“You are a very amusing human. Yes, I am female, but I do not know how that matters at all.”

“I don’t know. I was just curious.”

“More curious than knowing about this dungeon? Than knowing what this place and what my siblings and I are here for?”

“I mean, those were definitely gonna be my next few questions,” I said. It was strange. This Pokémon wasn’t as jumpy and ferocious as the others. She was calm and kind. “So, what is Team Rocket doing to you and your siblings?” I took a seat. Espeon’s eyes turned blue before she spoke.

“About a month ago, we were brought here as the humans’ test dummies. You call them, ‘Team Rocket’?” I nodded. As she told me her story, images of her and her family being captured and caged up by Team Rocket appeared in my head.

            “To test what?”

“I’m not sure. However, we are put on a stage of sorts and our energy is drained into different crystals that the humans study.” More images surfaced. I could see an Eevee and a Sylveon be chained to a round stage and electrocuted until they fell unconscious. I also witnessed a few of Espeon’s siblings being tossed into the kennels with fresh, bleeding, wounds on their bodies. The images were so graphic and depressing, that I started to tear up. I could not believe what had happened to these Pokémon.

The platform I saw upstairs must be what she’s talking about, I thought as I wiped my eyes. Though, that didn’t explain any of their behaviors. “How is it that you’re so calm while your siblings are…?”

“Hostile? Mistrusting?” She knew the exact words I was thinking of using. “The experiments affected each of us differently. At first, the fatigue was bearable, however, after so long, most of us have lost hope and have grown spiteful and melancholy. I, on the other hand, still remember what it was like to be free and remain hopeful for my family’s sake.”

            “You still trust humans? And why me of all people?” Why did she ask for my help?

“I know that not all humans are terrible. And it’s not like I chose to have you help us. You were just the only person to hear my voice.”

“Oh, so I was just a lucky coincidence, huh?” I muttered. A bit disappointed in the fact that I wasn’t chosen for any particular reason.

“Yep, that’s basically it,” she said with a laugh.

“You don’t have to agree with me,” I snapped. I felt offended, but Espeon’s smile made it hard to be too hurt, so I just laughed along with her. Though, I knew that it was not the time to lollygag. I had to find a way to free all of those Pokémon. I stood up and investigated the cage. A card reader was positioned as the lock of the cell. I had to get my hands on an I.D. card. “I’ll have to grab a Team Rocket I.D. to open this cell.” I was speaking to Espeon, but I could swear that the Umbreon beside us scoffed at me. “What? Do you have a better idea?” I asked it. It just looked at me, looked at Espeon, growled something to her, and went back to sleep. Like, I was standing right there and was completely ignored. I’m pretty sure it insulted me also. Espeon turned to me.

“My brother means well. He just doesn’t believe in you like I do.” That did not make me feel any better. I had to stick it to that Umbreon.

“Well, I’ll just have to prove him wrong. I’m gonna get the key and I’ll be back as fast as I can.” I walked back towards the hall and as I passed Umbreon I said, “And you can suck it.”

Creeping through the hallways was easy, the hard part was finding empty rooms with an I.D. card randomly in it. The best way for me to get my hands on an I.D. was to snatch one off someone. I found one woman who had her card swinging off the side of her skirt. I clung to the wall as I followed her down the hall. She went from room to room collecting papers from scientists, so I guessed she was just an assistant or something. Finally, she stopped to answer a phone call from her boss. As she stood still, giving a progress report of the work being done, I tiptoed behind her, carefully snatched her card, and snuck back towards Espeon and the others. Unfortunately, I was a little late.

            While staying in the shadows, I witnessed a guy walk past me with two small kennels. My heart skipped a beat when I saw Umbreon and Espeon inside them, trying to break free. I couldn’t let them get their energies drained again. They couldn’t suffer any more abuse. I didn’t know how, but I was going to stop Team Rocket’s experiments.

To be continued…